20 x 15 Bulletin Board with Decorative Cork Veneer Jelinek Cork Group

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Material Type:New wall mount materials included (four 3M Command Strips)


Product Description

  • Stay organized with this beautiful and functional bulletin board made with a highly unique decorative natural cork surface and an extra thick fiberboard backing
  • Since June these special cork boards now include a set of four 3M Command Strips
  • Accommodates all standard pushpins making it perfect for schools offices or the home
  • Dimensions of 20 inches x 15 inches and 1/2 inch thick allow the board to be mounted either horizontally or vertically
  • Manufactured in the USA using natural and sustainable materials including renewable cork and domestic wood fibers

Material Type:New wall mount materials included (four 3M Command Strips)

Stay organized and stylish with this bulletin board with a decorative cork veneer. Perfect for anywhere organization is needed in your life, such as school, home, or work. Cork veneer surface adhered to an extra thick backing of fiberboard ensures all your standard pushpins stay in place. Overall this is a cork board that looks good, functions well and is economically priced. Four 3M Command Strips have been provided for wall mounting. In rooms with frequent temperature changes for more permanent mounting, we recommend using contact cement which is available at most hardware stores. By design, the board does not have a frame or trim. As this is a natural product there might be slight bowing. Dimensions are 20x15x1/2 inches The construction of the bulletin board consists of a 1/2 inch (12mm) fiberboard backing (not cardboard) made in USA from sustainably and locally sourced softwood chips. The decorative facing material (approx 1mm) is made from renewable cork. The boards are produced in Savannah, GA USA and qualify for LEED sustainable building credits.

Customer reviews(8)

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Michael Ascencio
September 16, 2016
The corkboard was great. only thing i had trouble with was mounting it onto a wall. i did not want to use permanent mounting tape just incase i needed to move it to a new location. I tried mounting putty and reusable mounting sticker/tape. both did not hold to well to the back of the corkboard just due to the back being flakey. it was not able to hold up for long. the board was also not completely flat. has somewhat of a curve to it so it not being able to lay flat against the wall also was an issue. my last resort was using command removable table for those command hooks. i would suggest maybe placing something smooth on the corners to more easily mount the board.
April 7, 2018
I wanted to have something up on my bedroom wall to hang bracelets and necklaces on, something that looked decent and not too DYI cheesy. This is perfect. While it comes with four 3m Command type strips to hang (a good thing when you are a renter like myself and don't want to put holes in the walls), I swapped them out for the Command strips that have the velcro to make it easier to remove when the time comes. This board is study, and really lovely... the cork is very nice and has a great texture. It's working great right now for what I needed.
April 2, 2018
I really like the look of this board - it is
David Giffin
October 31, 2017
Love this! Looks great and fits into my office well. Minus one star for no posting material. For anyone purchasing to post with backside adhesive, I used superglue to adhere double side mounting tape to the cork board and used the normal mounting tape for the hard surface. Worked a charm. Double sided mounting strips alone will stick to the wall great but tear off the cork board with no trouble.
Rachel S
January 7, 2017
The cork board was just what I expected and was delivered on time. We've had trouble hanging it though. I used command clip strips, but they did not stick to the cork and it just fell off. I tried wood glue and so far it's holding.
July 12, 2017
I wish it had holes drilled in the back for the head of nails to hang the board from. Other than that, I like the natural cork, the thickness of the board, and size. I may find a picture frame to put it in and make it easier to put on the wall.
Kristan Richie
August 3, 2018
I love the style of these cork boards, the simplicity, they are great! However, the adhesives didn't work well for me. My order was missing the adhesive side of the velcro so to be put on the wall. I had to use screws through the corkboard instead and I am disappointed that it is not sturdy enough to take screws. I purchased 2 of these and they were both missing adhesives. The corners where the screws were installed broke off when I attempted to move the boards. I really like these boards and would purchase more if they had an alternate hanging option. As a mother of a toddler, I personally sturdier solutions so that I know things will not fall off the wall and cause damage/injuries to anything or anyone. It would be nice to receive a replacement or refund for the faulty hanging mechanism.
January 16, 2017
Hung it over our toddler's art station so that we can display her artwork/birthday cards, etc. It is a decent thickness and I think this style of cork looks nicer than your traditional cork board. Mine arrived with no damage and I received follow-up communications from the vendor checking that I was happy with the product. I used command picture-hanging strips to attach it to the wall, and used two 1/2 inch nails to reinforce them to the board since I read other reviews that they don't hold well to the particle-board backing. So far it has worked great!

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