Around Our World With Mickey - Mickey Mouse Pin & Artist Illustration Background with Completer Pin, Pin Pic # 41056, 41057

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Product Description

  • Around our World with Mickey Art Illistration board with completer Pin attached

Product Description

In honor of the Happiest Celebration On Earth, the Walt Disney World Pin Team is introducing a new collection featuring Mickey Mouse. Titled "Around Our World With Mickey," this 13-pin collection features Mickey Mouse dressed in attire reprsenting each of the Disney Destinations around the world. There will be 12 Limited Edition pins and this Open Edition pin packaged with Artist Illustration Background (map/card)image. This Open Edition pin features Mickey Mouse as a pin-on-pin. Behind him are the names of the various Disney Destinations around the world. Richard Sznerch from Disney Design Group created the beautiful artwork for this pin. The background is dark blue with a red border. The text is gold colored. Mickey wears a tuxedo and has his hands up in the air. The gold portion on the bottom reads "Around Our World With Mickey." This pin is packaged with the Artist Illustration Background that measures approximately 11.5" wide by 10" tall.

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