Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment with Soothing Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, 5 ct. (Pack of 2) J&J598755

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:Pack of 2


Style:Soothing Baby Bath Treatment  |  Size:Pack of 2

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Baby Soothing Bath Treatment helps relieve minor skin irritation and itching caused by rashes, eczema, poison ivy/oak/sumac, or insect bites. From the pediatrician-recommended brand, this baby bath treatment is indicated to relieve itchy skin. The unique formula of this baby eczema therapy bath combines natural colloidal oatmeal with a special moisturizer to help provide baby with dry skin relief. When dispersed in water, this fragrance-free, ultra-fine powder forms a milky soothing bath that also works as a natural, soap-free cleanser so it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment is gentle on eyes and steroid-, paraben- and phthalate-free.

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Peggy Lin
February 28, 2015
My baby has Eczema since she was 4 months old (Now is 9 months). After her Eczema starts, I used only warm water to bath her. A friend recommended the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Baby Treatment to me. I bought 2 sets (total pack of 4) along with Aveeno Baby Eczema Cream because they both are Add-on items (need to meet $25 for shipping). I ordered it on Jan 24 and received it on the 28th with prime 2 days shipping.
I started using only half bag because how expensive it is + worry that my daughter might have allergy reaction to oatmeal. It works pretty well and helps my daughteru2019s Eczema. Due to almost $1 a bag, I mostly only add half bag in the bath water. This amount works too. In addition, I start making my own oatmeal bath powder at home (simply grind 1 cup of raw oatmeal with a food processor for 3 bath). Homemade oatmeal powder works as well as the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Baby Treatment. I will recommend family who cannot afford this product to make your own with a blender, coffee bean grinder, or food processor. If you can afford to buy this, it is a great product. Highly recommend to babies who have Eczema.
Ted Gleason
May 24, 2017
Our infant daughter was having problems with eczema, and this product came recommended by our pediatrician. It has really helped to ease the issues (full disclosure: we use this product in conjunction with other lotions) and her skin is pretty much completely better now.

Greatly helped with our daughter's eczema.

Not really a Con:
The bathtub we bathe our daughter in is somewhat small, so one packet of the oatmeal mix is probably a little too much for the amount of water in the tub. Bathing a 10 month old is difficult enough, so even though I could just portion out a smaller amount, I usually just throw the whole packet in.
Amanda G.
October 30, 2016
This worked amazing on my daughters skin. She has had eczema since she was a baby and it had gotten really bad so we decided to try some different products in an effort to stop using her steroid cream. We bought this along with a lotion and it cleared her skin up within a week or two. Now, several months later, we just use the lotion and not the bath treatment. WE haven't had to use her steroid cream since using these products!
May 10, 2018
My baby has extremely sensitive skin. Every time he sweats, or drools, or sits in his car seat for too long, he breaks out in prickly heat rash. I do my best to keep him dry but no matter what, he still gets the rash on the back of his neck and under his arms pretty bad. Fortunately, the Aveeno oatmeal bath combined with the baby eczema lotion has been the perfect remedy. I use this bath treatment regularly and have noticed that his heat rash has pretty much vanished even on hot sweaty days. Couldn't recommend this product enough!
Layla (Wannabe Mommy Extraordinaire)
February 3, 2016
Well, I can really on attest for toddler, but up here in the frozen tundra sensitive skin gets dried out FAST. My husband took our little guy to the doctor for what he thought was possible chicken pox, turned out to be just horrible spotting from dried skin, we used all kinds of creams and soaps to try to give him some relief. Then while at Target we grabbed a box of this thinking, might as well give it a try. WORKED LIKE MAGIC. Using this and the skin cream (before bed) within two days his skin was back to being baby soft. I buy this from amazon now because we get two boxes for the price of one at Target and it's delivered right to our door. GREAT product. I have a friend who's child has severe eczema (age 9) and they use this at least once a week, so I'm sure it is good for kids of all ages. Also, this pack has the best price out there so this is the set you want to get.
August 27, 2015
I don't know if it was coincidence or not. But our baby was breaking out in rashes and eczema, so I decided to order this and try it in her baths. We also used a mustela brand baby cream to moisturize afterwards. Within two weeks, our baby had beautiful supple skin. No more rashes, no more eczema, no more dry rough peeling skin. At the very least, this did not exacerbate her skin issues, and it seems like it might have helped.
Becca White
January 19, 2018
2 kids with eczema and this stuff helps temporarily. I don't buy it often cause it can be expensive if used for every bath. I do use it when their eczema gets really bad, and I notice their itching/redness will subside after using these. This isn't a fix-all, but when used with other eczema products, it helps for sure. Also, walmart has an equate version of this so you might be able to get it cheaper there.
September 26, 2016
My grandson had eczema in several different places so bathing was always a concern. My son would put Quaker Oats in the blender and add that to the bath water. Unfortunately it never mixed in properly. This, however, blended into the water much better. We usually only used half a packet and that seemed to work. I know most babies with eczema usually grow out of it, but I felt this was a good product to use in the mean time. Within about a year my grandson was free of his eczema but I still do recommend this product.

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