Baby Play mat Folding Baby Care XPE playmat Foam Floor Slip Extra Large Foam Reversible Waterproof Portable Double Sides Kids Baby Toddler Outdoor or Indoor Use Non Toxic, Colorful(57x76x0.4in) Joren

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December 10, 2017
Great thick one piece play mat. More than half inch thick. Feels very high quality. Both my family and baby loves it. Definitely much better than the thinner ones out there that are similar price. Plus this is one piece, no worries about coming apart or dirt/lint falling between the cracks. No sharp corners or edges. Good quality print on both sides. Overall, this is really good. We love it.
January 18, 2018
I wish I come across this baby mat sooner... My daughter is almost 2 and the mat is perfect to put at Grandma's. She goes there a few days a week and Grandma likes that it is foldable so it can be put away when it's not in used and depending what toys they put out, Grandma can adjust the playmat accordingly. The material is good, the prints are cute, I cleaned it a few times with disinfectant wipes, easy to clean, no colors were wiped off. This mat can be used for tummy time, crawlers, and of course toddlers, I really like the foldable design.
December 4, 2017
I'm surprise there are no reviews on this wonderful baby floor mat. We already have one by baby care but it's already pretty beat up in about a year of use so I was on the search for another one. Looked over all the listings on Amazon and finally decided on this one.

First of all, it came rolled up like a rug NOT folded like my old one so you don't need to worry about the folded creases not going away. And then we quickly noticed this mat is thick, much thicker than we expected, 3/4 inch. Our daughter still falls occasionally and this mat would definitely provide some good cushioning.

Very easy to clean, I have wiped it down with some disinfecting wipes, coloring/prints didn't come off, it's actually pretty clean, considering it came from a warehouse. And it has no smell at all, like none, doesn't require any airing. We love it! Even my picky husband does lol....
December 29, 2017
This mat is good. Very plush and way more attractive than some of those super bright play mats. However the living on the edges has started to lose it's stitching in one spot. The other very bright less attractive mats are heat sealed on the sides and don't have this problem.
Sierra S
January 3, 2018
This is a fantastic play mat! We are using this inside of the gupamiga play yard (also 5 stars!) And I am in love! Very High quality mat, very soft, thick, and insanely adorable! Way better then what I was expecting and my daughter loves it! She likes to scratch at all the animals ud83dude04 I totally recommend!
Tina L.
February 2, 2018
I bought the folding type playmat since I already have a thicker and big playmat in the family room. This one is not that thick but is really portable and easy to pack and carry. In small space, the playmat can be folded as two layers and it makes thicker. The surface is waterproof and just wipe to clean.
Christine H.
August 3, 2018
I first saw playmats in a well known big box bany store and liked the quality and the idea off my kids having somewhere to play thats cushioned and somewhat protective agains the colder wood floors in Winter. However, i didnu2018t like the Design so i turned to Amazon. This one looked cute and the description had u201ebaby careu201c in it (like the other brand) so i ordered it.
When i took the package in i was already wondering how light it was and after unpacking i was rather disappointed. The Quality isnu2019t even close to the one i the store. Itu2019s basically the same as the foam mats just thicker and laminated.
Our mat is now roughly a week in the kidsroom and already fraying in the top. Weu2018re not sure why but there is no heavy play involved nor shoes or animals.
March 18, 2018
I couldn't believe it when I unboxed this! It folds up so small and into a little travel bag that I thought for sure it couldn't be as big as described but sure enough it was! It's super Light weight and convenient easy to fold up after play time and tuck away and then unfold later we had a few of the puzzle mats but with animals they were hard to clean hair off of and just getting ruined this is the perfect solution

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