Battery Charger Kit For Canon Powershot ELPH 180, ELPH 190 IS, A2500, ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 170 IS, ELPH 160, SX400 IS, SX410 IS, SX420 IS, ELPH 340 HS, ELPH 350 HS, ELPH 360 HS Charger For Canon NB-11L ButterflyPhoto 4331994087

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Product Description

  • 110/220 Ac/Dc Rapid Travel Charger For Canon NB-11L
  • A spare charger is an essential accessory. No power, no pictures!
  • ButterflyPhoto Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth - Safely Removes Fingerprints and Dust, Cleans Without Chemicals
  • Deluxe Universal 5" LCD Screen Protectors
  • This Kit Includes Some Of The Essential Accessories You Need To Take Full Advantage Of Your New Canon Powershot Elph 130 IS, ELPH 115 IS, A2600, A2500, Elph 110 HS, Elph 320 HS, A2300 IS, A2400 IS, A3400 IS, A4000 IS, ELPH 340 HS, A3500 IS, SX400 IS,ELPH 135, ELPH 140 IS, ELPH-150 IS, ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 170 IS, ELPH 160, SX410 IS, ELPH 350 HS, ELPH 180, ELPH 190 IS, ELPH 360 HS, SX420 IS Digital Camera Bundle Includes Ac/Dc Charger For Canon NB-11L Battery + More

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