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With every shave, razor blades lose their sharpness and gradually wear down, causing unwanted nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair. Blade Buddy’s patented, silicone surface is designed to restore blade sharpness, making every shave smoother and more comfortable, while protecting your skin from irritation caused by dull blades.

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September 2, 2016
I bought the Blade buddy because I was unhappy with the prospect of having to continue to purchase razors andor razor heads for the rest of my life. My Blade Buddy has worked as advertised on both disposable and non-disposable razors of multiple brands, including Bic and Gillette. I normally sharpen razors after use rather than before, which adds to the convenience of the Blade Buddy by cutting back on time. I always use a lubricant (the instructions indicate that hand soap and shaving cream each work well, and I use either), and I suspect that not to do so would damage a razor to be sharpened. Gel linings on most razors will wear away with the use of the Blade Buddy, though most last for ten to twenty sharpenings. Disposable Bic and Gillette razors' lives are extended to 45 to 55 times their ordinary number of uses, so for most, this means that a disposable razor will last for about two months if sharpened with the Blade Buddy. My only complaint is that the frame and silicone pad of the Blade Buddy are a bit cumbersome to store, whether apart or fit together, especially as neither dry particularly well. If you use disposable razors, a Blade Buddy will pay for itself with about a month of use. If you rather replace razor heads with non-disposable razors, then your Blade Buddy will have paid for itself after about two months of use, all assuming a shaving rate of 3 to 7 times per week. Mine paid for itself after a month. For me, the ability to make a pack of six disposable razors last for a year far outweighs the inconvenience and cost of purchasing new razors frequently, so as far as I'm concerned, the Blade Buddy has been well to use, poor to store, and convenient beyond measure nonetheless.
Donald Sensing
December 27, 2017
I was skeptical but I figured it didn't cost a lot of money and would be easy to return. I am skeptical no more. I began by using a well-used cartridge and the improvement was noticeable, even though I stropped the razor only about five times. I don't think I will use each cartridge for a longer time but the near-end shaves will certainly be a lot more comfortable and closer than before.

I read elsewhere that these devices do not sharpen the blades, they straighten them out and this is plausible to me. My tips: Strop the blade every day, coat the Blade Buddy with soap before stropping, slide the blades definitely beginning on the bottom
December 24, 2016
I am 28. My facial hair is strong and shaving with dull gillette razors was literally a pain. So, I grew an amazing goatee to reduce the shaving area. I bought the blade buddy and am very happy with its functionality on my gillette fusion proglide chill blades. It makes rinsing hairs out easier of the 5 blades, makes the blades glide smoother through hairs, and It has removed some of the lubricating bars effect, or one of them entirely on another blade head, my shave is still comfortable despite those nice additions being diminished slightly/entirely. The blades work amazing and shine clean and sharp every day because of my blade buddy. I've used the same two blades in the last 3 months and believe they can now make it a lot longer than ever before. Buy 10 as gifts for anyone you know.

The comfort, ease, and cleanliness that this blade buddy provided to my shave has a value of much more than 15$ to me, this still should be a 10 dollar product though, probably is at Ross ;)
June 12, 2017
I got this on 3/14/17 and today is 6/12/17 and I am on the same razor blade a Gillette fusion. This thing really works. My routine is slightly different than the directions. I use the Blade Buddy right after I shave and just use water as a lubricant by running the water over it while I am stroking the razor. I use the directions the first 2 weeks using shaving cream as a lubricant and stroking the razor before I shaved. I find my method easier for me and see no decrease in results. I have a very heavy beard and shave every other day since I am retired. I see no reason the put in a new blade yet.
December 28, 2017
Works pretty darn well. Either I am nuts or the sharpening surface, made of Elffen magic cookie material, somehow actually works. Gained days (of every other day shaving) no irration, no bumps or burn. Will add, I have normal skin, not sensitive. The BB R S, works for me and should work for you. Like to say iu2019m using Barbasol twin blade disposable. Judge for yourself and remember womenu2019s blades (my wifeu2019s Venusu2019 razors) have good performance. Weu2019ve all wasted a lot more on less.
April 2, 2018
As someone who shaves his head and sometimes his face, I go through a lot of razors. Hereu2019s the trick to get at least 2x or 3x the use out of your razor. Use this product prior to shaving as directed. Then post shave, clean your razor in rubbing alcohol and then store as normal. Iu2019ve used the same razor for MONTHS without getting nicked and maintaining a skin close shaved head. (I have a full head of hair and shave it by least for now). Try it and if this helps, click the little u201chelpfulu201d button. Good luck!

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