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Color:Neutral Zippy Zoo Activity Gym

The zippy zoo activity gym from bright starts encourages baby to walk on the wild side. A soft, plush mat features a detachable giraffe plush toy with 4 fun melodies and a baby safe mirror. The colorful spiral bead chaser, leaf shaped teether, and sun-shaped rattle bring the jungle home to baby. Four fun links allow you to add extra toys to keep the fun fresh and engaging. The play mat is machine-washable for easy clean ups. Fun comes first.

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April 5, 2017
My 4 month old loves this. She hasn't shown interest in most of the toys (I have the charming chirps one) besides the owl. But then again she's so young and just learning to reach for toys. She lovess the owl that plays music. She loves doing tummy time on it. I rated it 4 stars cause of a issue we are having and all parents who buy this MUST KNOW AND READ THIS. the blue ring on the owl and the heart rattle, I highly suggest you keep the rattle on the play mat. If you hook it on the bars, your child will get its foot or hand stuck in it. My baby got her foot in it easily and quickly (yes she was under my supervision it just shocked me cause of how quick it happened). So put the heart on the mat. The blue ring on the owl it is easy for your child to get its hand stuck. After the second time of pulling her hand out I put tape on it to cover the hole in the ring. If you do these things then it's completely safe.
J. Meyer
May 6, 2017
I bought this for my daughter after she was born. It's really lightweight and cute! The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I don't like how the owl music player item was pretty close to her body/face. I wish it was either smaller or can be placed higher so her hand or foot doesn't get caught in the pull part. Other than that, great buy if you're looking for something cheap and simple yet cute and does the job :)
August 14, 2017
My baby loves this thing. I got it when he was almost a month old (he basically laid there staring up at the toys) now he's 3 months and he loves it. He uses it at least 1 hour every day but sometimes up to 5 hours just depending on his mood. He will baby talk to the animals (in addition to the giraffe we added a monkey and a lion to the gym since it has extra loops). Right now it's definitely one of his favorite toys and its a great price, we we're not going to pay $50-$80 for a toy he'll grow out of in 4 months. This is a great product and a great price.
Susie Kroetsch
May 21, 2018
With our third child, I was feeling very guilty as many of the toys and infant items were worn down or have been thrown away. Our friends had an activity mat and our son seemed to love it. I didnu2019t want to spend a fortune since he may be our last baby, but I also wanted something with some cute toys so heu2019d be interested in using it. I was pleasantly surprised by the little giraffe toy included with the mat. I was anticipating having to buy more toys to hang as the price for this activity mat was a fraction of many other. My 5 year old and 2 year old love to take turns squeezing the giraffe for their little brother. Iu2019d say his favorites are the giraffe and mirror. Iu2019m sure heu2019ll grow to love the other two plastic toys, as well. I love how the mirror can be moved. It has helped with tummy time when placed low on the side of the mat, my son can see himself.
April 26, 2018
I have a super nice skip hop activity mat which I love but I needed another activity gym to keep at my in-laws since they watch my baby a couple of days a week. I didnu2019t want to spend a bunch of money on a second gym so this is perfect. I love that the mirror is adjustable so I can move it where he likes to look at himself. It only comes with three toys and the mirror but for the price I think itu2019s reasonable. The bright colors are really nice and fun. It would get 5 starts if it came with one more toy so that there would be a toy at every corner but this is good for how cheap it was and I can always get a cheap toy to add to it.
Kristen Burger
July 10, 2018
Easy to clean, vibrant colors. I like that is has the extra loops, so more toys can be added later. I couldnu2019t justify spending $100 on one of these mats for the little use it will get, so I took a chance and ordered this one. It works great to keep my little man busy for a few minutes when I need to set him down. Iu2019ve even tossed it in the laundry and it washed up perfectly.
Amanda Richardson
May 23, 2018
My previous review I was so happy with this product. Well its been a few months and the musical giraffe started glitching and making horrible sounds. This is his favorite part of this toy and stops him from crying and now doesn't work. This is NOT repairable, as there is no way to open the giraffe or replace batteries. Its completely sewn shut.

PREVIOUS REVIEW: He's a few months old and he's already working on his motor skills. I put the objects low enough so he can grab them and tug on them. Super easy to put together, took 5 mins. And he gets excited to play with it. Totally recommend this!
Sabrina T
January 17, 2017
I wasn't looking for anything fancy but when this arrived I was shocked with how cheap it was. The toys that hang down are of poor quality and it's really hard to get the music to play.
I would only use this for traveling since it's so easy to fold and take with you.

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