David Archy Men's 4 Pack Underwear Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks With Fly

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Product Description

  • Lenzing Micro Modal and ROICA Spandex
  • Note: We are upgrading the colors, so you may receive the one different from the previous version. Sorry for the confusion. But the two versions are same good.
  • Superior underwear for men using patented separate pouch designed to keep a man's personal area comfortably separate resulting in a dry environment all day.
  • Breathable panel allows air to flow freely which reduces sticking problem most men experience usually requiring embarrassing "adjustments."
  • Equally embraced by athletes who perspire during sport activities and men who must sit for long hours every day.
  • Super soft micro modal material feels cool on the skin and silky to the touch.
  • Waistband and seams are durable and comfortable so you don't experience scratching or pulling. Optimizes men's personal area for a fresher, healthier feeling and overall well-being.

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July 16, 2016
I purchased a pack of these underwear on Amazonu2019s recent u201cPrime Dayu201d sale after trying a size medium in theu00a0
December 24, 2017
I really wanted to like these. I moved to Florida and being in a humid environment, things down there need to stay dry unless you want crotch rot. I read that underwear like this may help. Iu2019m not a big man, but... the scrotum pouch is a bit small. If you want children, these may not be too good because they keep everything in a tight space.

The second pouch. Well... not everyoneu2019s penis is the same. Not all men are created equal. While the penis hole is a good enough size it still is an elastic around your shaft. As the underwear move, the elastic digs in. If I do any squatting work, my penis will pop right out of its pouch and then my penis head is rubbing on my jeans unless I reach in and adjust everything. Not cool out in public. Never squat to get anything from the bottom shelf at the grocery store unless you are ready to dig down your pants to tuck your penis back up in its pouch. Itu2019s not a simple, inconspicuous adjustment.

And as one customer review said... you canu2019t get aroused at all in these!!! It either pops out of the bottom and because of how itu2019s made, everyone will know you have an erection. No room in the pouch for it to be positioned upward. You have to let it stick out of the pouch, face it upward and hope for the best. It will be rubbing on your pants, the elastic around your shaft is more uncomfortable AND now the pouch is all crumpled on your pubic area so your erection can be free. But, this will push your penis down and again, people will know you are excited. Maybe too much information but.....

Not very functional.

Pro: Nice material.
March 8, 2018
First off, this is a positive review. I love this underwear, and you might also, but you should approach this relationship (and any relationship) with your eyes open. So here you go:

The material is light and comfortable, breathes well, and the underwear is expertly made and fits appropriately. But thatu2019s not why youu2019re considering them. Youu2019re looking at that u201cseparate pouchesu201d business and the suggestive graphic (or graphic suggestion) and wondering if you are ready to introduce a slightly higher level of complexity into your underworldu2026

You are.

BUT I think there is such a thing as too much subtlety, and David Archy crosses the line in his instructive drawings, so I will be clearer. Only your shaft goes through the hole. Do not stuff the entirety of your junk through the hole. The collection will certainly pass, but there is only one pouch on the other side, and you will have defeated the purpose of this delightful article of clothing. The u201cseparate pouchesu201d in question consist of the usual underwear space (enhanced by differently colored fabric around your gandydancers but essentially what you would have with any underwear) and the aforementioned shaftibule on the other side of that hole. The shaftibule enables David Archy to work in a different fly system as well, but more on that later.

Usually things work out just by pulling the underwear on. Your shaft is pointing down, the hole is coming up, and there you go, in like Flynn. At first, your frank and beans will call out to each other in alarm, but once reassured that each is still nearby and noticing that they are comfortably held in their respective atria they will settle down. NOW LOOK IN THE MIRROR BEFORE SHOWING ANYONE ELSE, because in all likelihood your days of prancing about the house in your underwear are over, especially if you have older kids. Normal size + shaftibule = HORSE JUNK. My spouse did a double take, gave me an approving nod, and then told me to put on my bathrobe. Itu2019s nothing you wonu2019t see on a Spanish beach, but just know that The Puppetshow is always playing. And frankly, the architecture presumes flaccidity, because, erect, there is nowhere to go but up, leaving you looking like a nocked bow and arrow with nothing to do but shout, u201cLOOSE!u201d as you leap upon your partner who will be helpless with laughter anyway.

Getting back to the fly. David Archy has chosen a horizontal system that is basically a hood that you pull up and off to relieve yourself and down and over once done. It works really well, but this may be strangely evocative of pop culture archetypes depending on your personality and experience. In my case the first unhooding thought was, u201cYou will bring Captain Solo and the Wookie to me.u201d This phrase was murmured several times to a variety of urinal stand-ins for Jabba the Hutt. But as the days wore on, I found more and more that I could only think of a scene where the kidnappers yank off the hood of the prisoner to reveal him tied to a chair in an empty warehouse with no help in sight. Especially with the black underwear. My vantage point put me in the shoes of the abductors, and I started to mutter appropriate kidnapping quips with each unhooding. Then I realized that I could be the rescuer just as well as the abductor and instead of shouting, u201cWestern Dog!u201d or u201cYour father will pay handsomely for your release!u201d could say in a reassuring tone, u201cYouu2019re safe now.u201d Which I think is easier for the other restroom patrons to hear.

So run, donu2019t walk, to buy this underwear. It will become your new favorite while stimulating centers of your brain that have long lain dormant and enriching your inner life multiple times a day. Thatu2019s a pretty good deal.

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