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Howard Benson
August 21, 2018
Unbelievably inspiring. A must read for all Eagles fans but also for coaches and leaders. Pederson writes with an honest straight forward prose that makes you understand why his team believed in him as a coach that could lead a team to the Super Bowl after losing so many of its starting players to injury. Great anecdotes about Brett Favre and Andy Reid etc give you a good idea where his killer instinct and players coach temperament come from. And he takes a few of the unbelievers to task, which is always fun to read about!
Ellis Fowler
September 19, 2018
I absolutely loved the book. Me being an Eagles fan didnu2019t color my perception of it. If I found it to be poorly written, an exercise in Ego, or simply nothing more than humdrum, I would state as much.

Instead, I actually found it to be refreshing. Pederson doesnu2019t mince words on how he got to this point. Heu2019s more than happy to explain his journey, giving both the highs and the lows that helped him get to a point of raising the Lombardi Trophy in triumph. In addition, he came from a strong Christian background, and Faith is very important to him. Heu2019s not even remotely squeamish about discussing his faith, and touches on it quite often throughout the book.

If you think that Faith and Football don't mix, don't bother with this one.

He's also quite blunt about Football only being part of his life, not the entirety of his life, and he specifically discusses that very notion near the end of the book. While Pederson's body of work has yet to even approach theirs, I couldn't help but conclude that he's echoing a philosophy that was quite similar to the likes of Vince Lombardi, Chuck Noll and Bill Parcells, in that while their particular area of expertise was Football, the sport of Football was only a part of their Life's Work. I believe that espousing that particular philosophy played a large part in driving the latter three to the ridiculous success they achieved.

The book is straight-forward, getting to the point. Thereu2019s no flowery speech to be found. Pederson doesnu2019t use 25 words when 10 will do. Iu2019d imagine that if we were to encounter Doug Pederson behind closed doors, what is written wouldnu2019t be too different from what weu2019d experience.

I highly recommend it.
Jackmack attack
September 11, 2018
Fearless is Eagles Coach Doug Pedersons ' story of how the Eagles became Super Bowl Champs. This is an inspirational story from the ultimate underdog team and its coach. Pederson spent 14 seasons in the NFL as a backup q.b. and was cut 6 times in his career. In the NFL he was never a star but he was surrounded by both players and coaches who were. He was a backup to Brett Favre on a Super bowl winning team and both a player and assistant coach under Andy Reid in Philadelphia and Kansas City. He spent time with the Dolphins with Dan Marino and Don Shula. Being surrounded by talented and knowledgable football people made him the person and the winning coach he is today. Pederson is a humble, admirable man who coached High School Football upon retirement, he is also a faithful family man who seems to posses a non-quitting spirit. In this book he explains his risk taking coaching philosophy and how the Eagles who were the underdog in every playoff game became champs. You don't have to be a Football fan or an Eagles fan to appreciate this inspiring story. Recommended.
Karthik Palaniappan
September 10, 2018
Doug Pederson is an inspiration for people who are always underestimated and underrated. The way Doug Pederson and the eagles adopted emotional intelligence over anything else is a testament to their success. Emotional intelligence is such a crucial soft skills to posses in today's world.
This book won't teach you that. It just emphasizes why it's important.
September 7, 2018
This author came across as sincere in this book. I enjoyed the behind the scenes look at how Pederson manages the Eagles. Although I think he stated this may be his only book, I'd certainly read another of his. It's a great read for any Eagles fan or anyone interested in leadership or coaching. 5 stars.
Amazon Customer
September 21, 2018
I'm an Eagles fan, so I may be biased...but I highly recommend this book. It brings out coach Pederson's real thoughts and true motivation. He's just a regular guy who wants the best for himself, his family, and his team. Solid read!
James P.
September 21, 2018
Great book if your an Eagles. The only way to win Fearless
ryan cowgill
September 24, 2018
Inside look into Doug's life and thoughts. an interesting read that will make you like him even more.

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