Food Grade Polymorph Plastic (FDA approved/EU Food Grade) by Materialix. 16oz tub. Moldable plastic [polydoh, plastimake] 40002-2

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Product Description

  • FDA APPROVED / EU FOOD SAFE - the only truly safe polymorph available!
  • manufactured under strict GMP conditions using safe catalyst
  • nontoxic
  • polymorph melts in 140°F
  • TOP QUALITY, made in the UK. We guarantee this, or your money back!

Polymorph plastic is a Nylon-like plastic that can be softened in 140°F and shaped by hand.
Once set, it is extremely strong - so if you're fixing something with it, it will last forever.
Plastic can be melted over and over again.
Directions of use:
1. Prepare a container for the pellets - this can be a mug, a bowl, etc.
2. Add pellets into container
3. Pour boiling water into container
4. Wait for the pellets to turn clear
5. Carefully remove from hot water, drain, and squeeze out water trapped in between the pellets.
6. Start molding!

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May 10, 2018
These are excellent for building up My busted front tooth until I am able to permanently fix it.. I let molded tooth cover cool; then make one or two more for the road because sometimes they stain + like to slip off, especially during eating; swallowing the piece is possible! Fortunately :) this product is food grade plastic! Not hugely better, but apparently We All ingest plastic particulates whilst on Our ingesting adventure everyday anyway ;).
Emily AR Wood look here dawn
March 20, 2018
Worked as it said it would but I wish this came with more information and instructions.
December 1, 2017
Works great. I was told by the seller that the material is made with stricter standards.
Joseph R. Kennedy
April 14, 2018
I used these to make a molded brace for a bent refridgerator door bracket, so my food doesn't fall out of the door anymore. These beads also made damn fine key caps and temporary tooth caps.

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