Green Pet Fresh Nest with The PureLite Process Bird Litter 600 Cubic Inch 100248

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Size:600 cu. in.


Product Description

  • Superior Odor Control Fresh Nest features a patented odor-controlling system
  • Sanitized by Pure Lite process
  • Virtually dust free
  • Biodegradable/compostable

Size:600 cu. in.

Fresh Nest utilizes corn cob particles, a renewable natural resource, in an odor-controlling system that absorbs waste, attacks odors and leaves a fresh scent to provide birds a fresher cage and owners a cleaner, more pleasant environment. Fresh Nest can be used for all caged bird species. How Fresh Nest Works: Small, uniform bits of corn cobs absorb the waste products of birds. The formulations — a combination of nearly 20 ingredients, all used in food, health and beauty-care products, plus processed corn cob — provide the odor-control system. The formulations convert ammonia gas to odorless liquid, and the pleasant aroma counteracts the inherent "animal smell." The ingredients in Fresh Nest break down ammonia to create fresh-smelling cages. Therefore, there is no household or store odor associated with the pets. Also, by breaking down the ammonia, a healthier environment is created for your pet, because it is not continually inhaling the ammonia vapors.

Customer reviews(8)

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Mark R. Carlisle
February 27, 2018
Works good but extremely expensive. I stopped using this product and now use equine pellets from Tractor Supply Company. A 40lb bag of equine pellets costs $6.00 at TSC.
Todd Jarrell
January 30, 2016
Bought this to use in the bottom of my White Bellied Caique's cage as a litter. Ansolutely horrible product. 2 days after putting it in the cage I had to dump it out because of the strong sour odor of bird droppings. Dont waste your money. Buy the Aspen Supreme pellets instead. They work and are a far superior product
Thomas Arthur Leigh-kendall
January 14, 2014
keep my cage floor clean smelling , it looked nice, did what it said it would do. It just cost to much.
John Gerken
November 14, 2013
Didn't give it a five because I don't know if there is any product that is perfect in removing pet odors. Best I've used so far because of it's look on the bottom of the cage. It looks clean.
Fishing Guy
March 21, 2015
my Quakers love this
Peter van Donselaar
October 22, 2015
Best out there!
April 3, 2011
This was not the best animal bedding I had ever purchased. It worked ok, but was alittle expensive for the way it worked. Satisfactory Product
March 29, 2011
We have been using this for almost a year in our Parakeet's cage. It seems to be a much cleaner litter. We are now using this product in our Quaker Parrot's cage. He used to have the cedar chips but then he thought it was play time ... he would pick out the cedar chips and throw them on the floor. This Fresh Nest litter is smaller so that he cannot reach it and therefore much less mess on the floor.

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