HairArt H3000 Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron, 1 3/8 1 3/8 Model H3000

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Plug-in, style, and go! This 5-tempature ceramic iron heats up in just 15 seconds, and can make your hair sleek & straight, or give you soft, beautiful curls - whatever you're in the mood for.

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Erica Lubin
April 22, 2016
I'm really impressed by this straightener! I have very kinky coily hair, and this flat iron makes it silky smooth and bone straight! This tops all the previous flat iron I've ever purchased!!
May 17, 2017
This is so serious you guys.

I had this same straightener for a LONG time. I absolutely loved it, but mine was really old so I thought it was time to buy a new one. When I bought my original one, I got it from an actual beauty store, but decided to get my new one here on Amazon.

Long story short, I was straightening my hair one night with this straightener, and a large cloud of smoke billowed up from my hair. I know for a FACT that my hair was completely dry, because I'm really paranoid about damaging my hair. My hair SINGED OFF. Like SINGED AWAY. I am not left with a ton of dead ends and a frizzy/damaged sideburn. It's so embarrassing.

I thought I would give it another try because MAYBE this could have been my fault, so while I was doing my makeup one night, I turned the straightener on to heat up. I could smell something burning in my room, but thought nothing of it. When I went over to start straightening my hair, I picked up the straightener, and it was BURNING MY WOOD COUNTER AND HAD OVERHEATED SO MUCH THAT IT MELTED APART. Like literally you guys the plastic melted. apart. Like I don't know how to make it clear enough to you guys that the plastic on this thing was AGGRESSIVELY melted and completely annihilated. I attached pictures.

Basically, I'm so angry and confused about this, because I loved this straightener before.

Would love if the seller would contact me to reimburse me, or send me a new one due to the fact that my hair singed off due to their product overheating to the point that it melted apart, and would love to be able to have another chance with the product to change my review of it!
Mel N.
April 19, 2017
I have super thick 4c natural kinky get the point. With a good heat protectant, I straightened my hair on 400 degrees. There was absolutely no heat damage. My hair reverted back to my its original curl pattern with one wash. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a baby bliss or chi iron?
November 4, 2015
I am SOOOOO happy with this flat iron. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I swear by Hairart flat irons. I previously had the H1000 but they went out on me after a year (I got really good use from those). I wanted to try a different type of iron from Hairart and let me just say I will never buy another brand or type!! This flat iron is amazing. Hair art flat irons silk out every strand. I haven't tried these yet on my hair or clients' hair but I used them on my super curly extensions and they straightened it out to the bone just in one pass. I have NO DOUBT in these. Wow. They work even better than the H1000. I can't wait for my work week to silk my clients' hair with these babies! Oh, and very fast shipping. 1,000 stars (:
November 13, 2016
I have naturally thick curly hair, and even with some of the more expensive flat irons I have had less than stellar results when straightening my hair. With that being said, I must admit that I wasn't really expecting much from this flat iron, I just needed a replacement as my other one had recently stopped working.

After prepping my hair for straightening, which included shampooing, deep conditioning, and applying a heat protectant, I began to flat iron it. To my surprise, my hair was so silky, smooth, and straight!! My hair literally had a salon finish!

This flat iron does not snag or pull my hair, and it's very easy to maneuver while straightening, and it even curls the hair effortlessly.

The only flaw that I have with this iron is the placement of the temperature dial. It sits in between the two irons slightly off to the side, which I've noticed that depending on how/where you hold it the temperature it inadvertently moves, which can be bothersome, as you have to constantly check to ensure if the iron is set to your desired temperature. Otherwise, great iron. I would recommend it!
Amazon Customer
May 11, 2017
Better than many high end flat irons. This is coming from someone who because of her indecisive nature could not chose between this and a $200 flat iron, so I bought both (I know- don't judge). I used both flat irons on my hair with this on one side and the other on the other half. This flat iron did just as well if not better than the expensive one. Plus, I think I like this more than the other because it gets more hair done at one time.
Rachel A.
June 1, 2015
I'm writing this review 3 years--nearly to the day--after purchasing this flat iron. Having purchased this Hairart Ceramic flat iron to replace a GHD that worked well, but died far too soon (within a year), I was ecstatic to find that the Hairart worked just as well as the GHD for a fraction of the cost. After 3 years of consistent use (4-6 days per week) this flat iron is still functioning great. I have long (mid-back length) hair that is thick and prone to frizz and I don't have any trouble getting my hair straight with this flat iron in low-to-mid humidity. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and my hair will stay straight throughout the day without trouble. However, during a week in southern California my hair would not completely straighten due to high humidity. Therefore I'm not completely confident people in the south or the Midwest would have great results with this flat iron. For me, I'm considering buying a second Hairart flat iron and keeping my first as a backup. After 3 years the only wear-and-tear that I've noticed is that the grip where you hold the flat iron has begun to heat up after 25+ minutes of use when using it on the highest setting (450, I believe).

- cost
- durability (3 years!)
- effective and efficient for long/thick hair
- doesn't catch, snag or pull hair
- smooths and flattens for 24+ hrs in low-to-mid humidity
- super fast heat-up

- less effective in high humidity
- the grip may heat up after extended use on the highest setting
- no auto shut-off
Miss D
February 17, 2018

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