Hape Baby Play Mat - “Hape Foldable Play Mat” Baby Gym Nontoxic Waterproof Baby Play Mats for Infants 3+ Mths with Kids Play Mat Carry Case

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February 11, 2018
Overall, I'm pretty glad I bought it and I'm not returning it.

Pro - It's a decent size for a baby's play mat, it's nicely padded, and the covering can be wiped clean easily after a spit-up.
Pro - It's also foldable, so I
April 3, 2018
At first I thought this mat was cute, but upon unfolding it from its case it was much thinner than I anticipated. I was hoping the item would have some squishy cushion to it so that the baby would be safer for tummy time/play time. It tore from a toy the second time we used it. After that we had to use the other side for fear of the baby ripping off a piece and choking on it
(or on a piece of the thin foam inside which tears easily). We have had this item for 3 months and have not even used it 10 times because the plastic material keeps tearing! Now we unfolded it for my 6 month old to play on today... a few minutes later noticed 1 inch tear on the other side. Do not feel that this is a safe product, certainly not worth the money. Very disappointed with this purchase as we have barely used the item and keep it stored carefully in its case.
November 18, 2017
This is a great play mat. I'm glad I bought it for when my friends' babies come to visit. Be sure to measure the area you want to put it in and check listing measurements. It's enormous. Which is great for a baby who is crawling/scooting. It's easy to put away, though. Here are a few of the reasons I'm enjoying it:
-Non gender-specific
-Wipes up easily
-Colors are nice and vibrant
-The thickness is great
-Lays flat, won't curl up on the edges
-Folds up easily
-Comes with carrying case
-Protects baby from finding things in carpet or on floor to put in their mouth.

This works well in the living room to give our baby a soft, entertaining area to play on. It would also be useful for day cares, church nurseries, playrooms, or the like. When we're not using it, we just fold it up and slide it under the bed. The carrying case keeps it clean for the next use.
I can't find anything wrong with it, and babies seem to love it.
Kathrine Crane
January 6, 2018
This mat is lovely looking and folds up nicely. Sadly, I am disappointed overall with the product. We have been using it for less than two weeks and there are already hunks of the mat torn out. Not durable at all, and I'm not even certain if it is safe to continue to use. I will probably need to replace this; what a waste of money.
January 3, 2018
The seller reached out to me and addressed my concern. They offered not only a full refund, but also a brand new replacement mat!! They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and live up to their promise. They were very prompt with their responses. I love the new mat (looks exactly the same as picture) and it seems a bit thicker than the original. I will definitely shop from this seller again and confident that I will be more than happy with my purchase. Their customer service is truly amazing.
February 28, 2018
It was really cute when i got it and my baby liked it, but the plastic on the top started separating after like a week. The colors weren't bright once it separated. Worst of all, my baby was able to tear the plastic that had separated and tried to eat it!
Nightingale Lim
January 7, 2018
This is a very thin foam. Itu2019s a large mat however there is no cushion in. I bought it because my son would take out the puzzle looking one apart so now we have this over it and itu2019s better. I wouldnu2019t recommend this to someone that wanted it for protection when a baby falls. But I guess you get what you paid for. I gave it 3 stars cuz itu2019s a cute design large mat and easy to clean.
December 31, 2017
I initially purchased that foam number/letter floor mat thatu2019s really popular two years ago. Well I was starting to go mad because once my son learned that it all comes apart as he got older, he was constantly pulling it all apart. I was getting sick of putting it back together every night so when he intentionally spilled milk all over it, I saw it as a blessing since I finally had a reason to just toss the whole thing in the garbage without feeling guilty. Yes I know, I couldu2019ve cleaned it, shhh... Anyways, I knew this time around I wanted a floor mat that did not come apart. I saw some at the big box baby stores for a ridiculous amount. Unnecessary to spend the money on them as this mat is GREAT!! Itu2019s thick and soft and a great size. I love that it has two sides of print. My son loves moving his toy cars along the roads on the city side. I have now purchased 5 or 6 things from this brand and I am never disappointed. High quality for reasonable prices. Love their puzzles. Highly recommend this playmat and this brand.

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