Hot Cream Massage Gel:: Anti- Cellulite, Skin Tightening, Toning, Fat Burner & Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Jelly 100% Natural, 87% Organic, Cruelty Free (Hot Cream Massage Gel) Cosmetasa

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Size:Combo with Cellulite Massager


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Shaindy Jacob
June 28, 2018
great product!! Really saw a difference in my cellulite!! will order again!!
aggy p
August 7, 2018
I just finished the entire bottle, and I don't see much difference in my skin. Likewise, It wasn't very effective as a topical pain reducer. Tiger Balm, in my opinion, is much better. In fact, the cream caused more pain by waking me up in the middle of the night a few times feeling as if my thighs, butt, and stomach were severely sunburnt. If it weren't for the massager, I would give 2 stars.
July 26, 2018
I definitely thought I read everything carefully, but apparently I missed some important information. So make sure you read everything about this product! Just delivered today and it only took me 20 minutes to run to the shower because I thought it was burning my skin. This stuff is HOT. Overall - and after my freak out - I'm satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to seeing how this product will work for me.
August 1, 2018
I’m gonna give a chance to see what happen but I have to say this cream really burn my skin .I just handle it
Some minutes and even taking a shower I couldn’t get ride of this burning sensation.I suppose with this sensation the effect are gonna be amazing if you are lucky and still keep a 100% of your skin lolo
Anyway I’m gonna wait and see what happen...Thanks
July 2, 2018
Helped ease my aching back!
Fallon Johnson
September 10, 2018
Nice cream but does not stay hot long enough. Havent used it long enough to see a difference in cellulite
Leigh Bradley
August 14, 2018
September 22, 2018
Its helps with the pain in joint wraped it before bed and woke up pain drastically reduced gonna increase to two times a day

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