Kalencom Potette Plus Potty Seat Liner Roller Dispenser with Magic Disappearing Ink, 20 Count B07DVK71DX

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Size:20 Count Roller Dispenser


Size:20 Count Roller Dispenser

Designed to fit the popular 2in1 Potette Plus Training Seat/ Portable Potty. Super absorbent disposable liners. Leak-proof, easy-to-use, hold up to 5 ounces of liquid, and discards like a diaper. Disposable Liners are also lightly scented to absorb odors. Now with Magic Disappearing ink on the absorbent pad, the ink disappears when wet to let your Child know and see the job they did! Liner handles secure to the potty and ties closed for disposal. Our potties can be used as at home with the reusable liners and on the go with disposable liners.

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March 21, 2017
These are the best! It's worth the ease and peace of mind that these provide for the Potette Plus. I never tried the grocery bag solution hack that people have mentioned because in the emergency scenario of
Terry Smith
November 5, 2015
This potty seat has saved us SO many times! It's now my best gift to NEW Mom's. We LOOOOOVE this seat. The kids can go anywhere. The 6yr old has even used it in an emergency! The only negative is that my potty seat carrying bag broke, and it would be nice if it came with a bag made of fabric, so that the bag can be washed. I have a large bag in the back of my SUV for emergency items and it's in there. Works for us, the carrying bag didn't hold back how awesome this seat is! I did use this has a
May 31, 2016
I love using this with the potty seat but wish they weren't so pricey. i will use these when I'm too lazy to make my own out of plastic bags and paper towels (yeah I'm that person). But seriously I have a hard time paying that much to have it peed away. So when I find time to zone out and watch a show, I will make a batch so I can feel better about not peeing on money. Good product otherwise.
July 28, 2016
At first glance, one might not think these to be essential. But trust me. They have paid for themselves in convenience many times over. We use the Potette potty in the car together with these bags. They're great because they can hold a lot and they tie up to be thrown away easily, or if I can't throw it away immediately, I toss it in a big ziploc bag to contain odor. I hardly ever had to take my potty training toddler to a nasty public restroom because this system was so convenient. We travel by car a lot, so it has been great. Awesome product.
May 28, 2017
Love these liners they have a built in pad that had a nice floral smell it emits when our son goes pee pee. We have the Summer Infant Potty and these fit perfectly and ties closed so we can easily throw them out without causing any odors to escape from our trash can. I would highly recommend these. We tried another brand that is a similar price but the pad isn't built in and the liners aren't as study.
C. B.
July 27, 2018
I love the potette... And these liners are great. We use the travel toilet when we drive longer distances. We've used it quite frequently. It's a gods end when you're in pretty heavy traffic and don't want to or cannot exit the highway. After using a liner, we either throw it away in a nearby trash can or keep it in the car until after we've parked the car somewhere. They've never leaked.
August 19, 2018
We used these for our older daughter keeping the potette potty it the car at all times and now use them for our younger daughter. It's very easy to use and holds quite a lot, you can always add absorbency with some paper towels or a diaper. We had a family camping trip with lots of rain and mosquitos so even the adults used these bags to avoid trips in the middle of the night!
April 14, 2018
These bad boys are AMAZING for potty training. I just insert them into the potty and throw them away no leaks or mess.

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