Kamas 12pcs 3mm Shank Wool Polishing Head Buffing Wheel 3mm/6mm/8mm/12mm for Dremel Rotary Tool

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12pcs 3mm Shank Wool Polishing Head Buffing Wheel 3mm/6mm/mm/12mm For Dremel Rotary Tool 
Material: wool+metal
Shank Size: 3mm Round Shank
Polishing Head Size: Cylinder
Head Sizes: 3mm, 6mm, mm, 12mm
Quantity: 12pcs
size meet your different demans.
Within throwing uniform surface enable polished surface fine and bright.
Ideal for wood, nutlet carving, jade, ivory, and other materials of fine polishing.
At the same time also applies to jewelry, the mold cavity, medical equipment, electronic circuit boards, stainless steel decorative tube, antique bronze,classical furniture, plastic products and high-precision parts fine polishing.
Package includes:
1x Set (12pcs) Wool Polshing Head

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