KAUZA Always Remember You are Braver Than You Think - Inspirational Gifts Positive Wall Plaque Pallet Saying Quotes for Birthday - Presents for Mom Sister Grandma 5.5 x 5.5 Inch Kauza Ltd

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Product Description

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The frame and panels (matte white) of inspirational wall art are made of high quality, reliable, durable, light, and eco-friendly MDF wood. Thanks to that wall decor will last you for years.
  • STYLISH HOME DECOR - Decorate your home with motivating and inspiring lines of the wall plaque. It fits perfectly and can become a part of an elegant interior of your home, classroom, office, workspace and much more.
  • HI-TECH TECHNOLOGY - During the production of this girls room decor is using the most advanced and eco-friendly technologies. With high precision and quality, the text cutting is made with the new modern 3D laser cutting technology, which gives wood wall art unique views.
  • UNIQUE CONSTRUCTION - Convenient and straightforward construction of the wall decor with the sturdy frame and several protective caps that cover the main canvas and a sheet of colored paper, protect your design from moisture, dust, and dirt.
  • SPECIAL SET 4 MULTI-COLORED INSERTS - Wow you can easily change the color of the letters on the chalkboard inspiration! Also, you can buy and pick your own colored inserts. SET Colors: black, blue, white, pink.

Our house wall art is well-designed and made by the modern method with high-quality and durable materials that helps with positive plaques to improve your decor in any place of your house, workspace, office and more.

Features and benefits:

- Girls room decor is made of durable, safe for health and eco-friendly materials.
- Wall decor fits perfectly and can become a part of your decor.
- During the production and the text cutting wall gift is applied the most modern technologies.
- Comfortable construction of positive wall art protects from dirt and dust.
- On the rear panel of mom plaque has a comfortable suspension equipment to be able to hang where you want easily.
- The ability to change the color of the letters in wood wall plaque with colored inserts supplied in the set which helps to improve your modern design.

This aspirational and infusive wall decor is a great gift idea for mother, daughter, grandmother, colleagues, friends or relatives on any celebrations or important events in their lives.

Package includes:

-1 x Wall Board
- x Multi-color Inserts
-1 x Hang on the Wall

-. inch(10 mm) x . in(10mm) x 1. inch(3mm)


-, oz (20gram)

Customer reviews(124)

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December 15, 2014
I was pleased with the second key chain I received but I have to take away a star because the first one arrived broken and had to be returned. The center (with the dog's face) was loose and there was a nick in it, which is why I chose to return instead of glueing the center in myself.

This has a solid feeling to it, the engraving was clear, and there is a small gem in the paw print, which I didn't realize when I ordered it. This is a gift for a Golden owning friend and I'm sure she will be pleased with it.
If I had only seen the second keychain I would have given this a five star rating.
My advice, order this with enough time to do a re-order and return if needed and you should be pleased.
January 12, 2018
Love it, compared to everyone else pill boxes. These containers have a protective and sanitary silicon/plastic insert, which not completely keep thing cleaner, but will keep it more waterproof or tighter; to seal from humility-which can kill ot destroys your pills.
So for the same price, this one is the bargain! :)
Teresa Sammis
January 9, 2014
This is the largest thing in our small house. but I just love it. I knew it was big, but sometimes you have it in hand to fully realize it. It was shipped promptly and well packed. I just love the simplicity of a man with his dog . And the pink shoes and the hat that sticks onto his head upside down Just makes me giggle. I did think there was little more blue in the background, though monitors vary and our house is pretty dim in the winter, so in a brighter room perhaps that will show up more. Made in America is a bonus. Wonderful, simple piece.
September 29, 2018
Purchased this for a coin sorting machine. Need to fold the bottom edge to prevent coins from gliding right through. It is exactly as defined by product description. I am happy with the product but just wish the coin wrappers had the rolled up bottoms for simplified coin sorting.
June 9, 2013
This BRUINS poster is a must-have for a true fan.

IT is the perfect size.

Great packaging, came quickly, no bends or flaws.

I recommend this product...and I have purchased over 40 posters in 3 years.

This company knows what they are doing.

I also liked that I purchased two different ones and they rolled them both together to consolidate.

GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!
James M. Dykes
September 11, 2018
Great price and quality - would only recommend offering less penny wrappers.
Corelli J Williams
January 30, 2018
This is the perfect checkbook cover it is the right color and putting my checks in here is a breeze the leather has a great feel to it as well will definitely recommend
January 17, 2018
Very good quality ! Lids fit very well and with the rubber o-ring they should be water tight . Each one has a white plastic liner in it , which was a pleasant surprise because they don't mention it in the description but it is visible in one of the pictures in the add . I am very happy that I got these .

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