KINTOR Acrylic Bird Bath No-Leakage Design with Metal Universal Clip for Most Birdcage Harvestkey CW109

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Product Description

  • NO LEAK DESIGN - Unlike other bird bath in the market,Kintor adopt the thicken acrylic material and no leak artcraft,which is also Environmental friendly,you may rest assure of giving your pet playing and taking bath without concering the floor messup
  • EASY INSTALLATION WITH METAL CLIP & EASY CLEAN - Kintor use the durable metal clips,which is suitable for most birdcage,and you just wash the box with water directly, KINDLY NOTED NOT FOR USE WITH ROUND OR CURVED WALL CAGES
  • NO NEED ASSEMBLY DEVICE BY YOUSELF -You get what you see in the picture, the only thing you need to do is install the clip above the box,and hang the box in your cage. Then, fill with water or sand and allow your bird to enjoy their new bath!
  • ENCOUTAGE YOUR PET NATURAL GROOMING BAHAVIORS - Water bath is good to the bird health,through the water bath, not only is it beneficial to clear the feather dust and clear parasites, but it also moisturizes the skin and helps the birds to dissipate heat
  • TWO SIZES FOR SMALL MEDIUM PARROT - Please kindly check the size careflly before buy, small size is 5.1x5.1x5.7inch,big size is 6.7x6.7x7.68inch.KINTOR bird bath is design for small birds like budgie,lovebird,conure,finch canary,cockatiel and parakeet etc.


Why do Birds Need to Take a Water Bath?
In the nature world,Bird is an animal who love cleaning very much,Bathing is the habit of birds,In order to remove dirt from the body, the wild bird often bathe in the lake or some nature place, but cage birds lose these environments. Therefore, it is necessary to artificially provide them with various bathing conditions and bathe the bird regularly.Water bath is good to the bird health,through the water bath, not only is it beneficial to clear the feather dust and clear parasites, but it also moisturizes the skin and helps the birds to dissipate heat.
About Bath time
Cage bird bath time should not be too long, generally not to wet feathers, and the number of water bath on the basis of the bird species, the temperature and the environment vary, vary with the seasons change and individual differences. According to the season, weather, temperature, humidity combined with the bird's water bath requirements and health conditions appropriate control. Dry weather in the spring and autumn season can be 2 days commonly, the hot season can be once a day, to help the bird body heat, choose more time in the afternoon, in the cold winter can be 3 to 5 days, more choice in the sunshine, high temperature in the room.
The temperature of water should not be lower than 64 to 68 ℉, and the feathers should be dried as soon as possible after bathing. Prevent colds. Feathers in the feathering period should properly reduce the number of baths or baths.
--No Leak Design
--Durabel Thicken Acrylic Material
--Sturdy Metal Clip for most cages
--Easy Install and Clean
--Two Size Options,Please check picture carefully
--Safe Package and Delivery
Package Included:
1 x Acrylic Bird Bath

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August 7, 2018
As I opened the box, I was pretty satisfied with how the actual acrylic box appeared to be; nice, solid, and simple. Though as I started screwing in the hooks, two of the four broke/snapped. There was a message inside of the package mentioning how the holes were meant to be
the old lady who lived in a shoe
August 26, 2018
When you have an item such as this, the holes need to be drilled so that the included hardware will fit the hole. I was going to return this because the side is also cracked. I had to go on vacation and had to make it work. Luckily, the water did not go above the crack and the hook didn't come out because of rust from the hook. I believe my bird sitters were exceptionally careful in removing and replacing the bath.
kathy s.
August 23, 2018
This is a well made and easy to use birdbath. The bath cube is made of high quality Plexiglas with waterproof seams. It is quite large and is the perfect size for my lovebirds. They love it. It can also be used for birdseed if you don't want it thrown out of the cage. I looked at many birdbaths and am so glad I purchased this one.
Melinda Anderson
August 21, 2018
I liked this product. The only thing that I would like to see changed is the size of the hooks. The hooks need to be a little larger. The first one I bought fell off of my cage and cracked. So, i had to order another one. Other than that my parakeets love it for bathing.
August 12, 2018
Just like how it was described in the picture.
Jillian W.
August 31, 2018
We have two cockatiels and a small parrot (so we bought two) - parrot has his own cage. They drink out of it and bathe in it. Didn't take long to warm up to it. Have had a while, taken on and off and no cracks or defaults with it. Seems to be a good investment so far!
Anna Franks
August 31, 2018
I love the no leak design & most importantly my birds love taking a bath in it... Definitely would recommend this for smaller birds.
Amazon Customer
September 25, 2018
Birds were scared to enter and the screws all completely rusted within a few weeks.

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