Letbo New 100pcs Diamond Burs Flat-end Polishing Grinding Heads Medium FG 1.6mm for High speed Handpieces Lbg

$ 18 40

Description: 00pcs Diamond Burs Flat-end Polishing Grinding Heads Medium FG .mm for High speed Handpieces
Specification: Material: Stainless Steel + Diamond Powder Color: Silver Quantity: 00pcs Size: L*Dia / 20*.mm / 0.*0.0"
Features: Hard and wear-resistant Cannot afford sand Model is complete Aluminum foils packing, easy to use and health Use multi-layer imported diamond plating process
Note: TF means Taper Flat End TR means Taper Round End TC means Taper Conical End FO means Flame Ogival End SF means Straight Flat End SO means straight Ogival End EX means SPecial shape BR means ball Round. BC means Ball collar Type DI means Double Inverted Cone. SI means Single inverted Cone WR means wheel Round Edge CR means inlay preparation CD means Childern's dentistry. S means short shank SS means super short shank
Package included: 00 x Dental Diamond Burs
TF- TF-2 TF-3 TF-4 TF-20 TF-2 TF-22 TF-23 TF-3 TF-4 TF-42 TF-43 TF-S20 TF-S2 TF-S22 TF-S23 TF-S3 TF-S4 TF-3C TF-2F TF-2F TF-SS3 TF-2EF TF-2EF
SF- SF-2 SF-3 SF-3 SF-4 SF-2C
SO-S20 SO-20 SO-2 SR- SR-2 SR-3 RS- RS-2 RS-3
BC-3 BC-42 BC-43 BC-S42 BC-S43
DI-SS4 DI-S4 DI-4 DI-42 SI-4 SI-4 SI-4 SI-49 SI-4C SI-S4 SI-S4
E-4F FL- TB-
TC-09 TC-0 TC- TC-2 TC-2 TC-S2 TC-2F TC-F TC-EF TC-2EF TR- TR-2 TR-3 TR-4 TR-5 TR-9 TR-20 TR-2 TR-24 TR-25 TR-F TR-3F TR-2F TR-25F TR-2F TR-SS2
FO-22 FO-25 FO-2 FO-32 FO- FO-2 FO-S2 FO-32C FO-54C FO-2F FO-22F FO-2EF FO-22EF FO-30F FO-20EF FO-40EF FO-4EF O-42EF
CD-50F CD-5F CD-52F CD-53F CD-54F CD-55F CD-5F CD-5F CD-5F CD-59F BR-3 BR-30 BR-40 BR-4 BR-45 BR-4 BR-49 BR-S45 BR-30C BR-3C BR-S4 BR-40EF
EX- EX-2 EX-20 EX-2 EX-24 EX-2 EX-3 EX-4 EX-2EF EX-F EX-2F
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