LUCKY LUCKY Baby Boys Girls Gloves, No Scratch Mittens 100%Cotton 6 Pair.

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Color:6 Pairs/color

LUCKY LUCKY Newborn Baby Boys and Girls Gloves
• Gloves Cotton Baby Newborn
• Made of 100-percent cotton for softness
• Scratch mittens are the perfect way to keep your baby's little hands covered and avoid scratching
• Mittens have gentle elastic to help stay put
• prevent babies from scratching themselves on their face with fingernails
• Machine wash and dry.
• Great item for gift giving.
Made in Thailand

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Aric and Gretchen
January 24, 2018
They say 0-3 but its not for newborns. I ended up giving them to my 4 year old to use as sleeping bags for her Kelly dolls. Thank goodness my sister sent us real 0-3 months scratch mittens! Unless you have a giant baby save your money!
February 5, 2017
These are great. Thin enough not to stay soaked if they get wet but still able to protect from scratching. Very soft for when baby rubs them against her face. I read other reviews that said the elastic left marks but that was not the case with the gloves I received. They fit my baby fine. And I actually like that they are a bit bigger than the Gerber ones so she can stretch her fingers out. I know some people only use gloves during the newborn stage but i keep them on for about 3 months so bigger is better for me. Great price for this amount.
May 27, 2017
I have ordered this mittens for my 4month old boy because he sucks his hand lot and he grab his hair and cry and i expected really comfortable ,spacious mittens.i have ordered same brand but different mittens earlier but those mittens size is small compared to this mittens as shown in image which i have attached.This is really height and wider and 100% cotton which amazing
But i worry about the colours and prints on it which may go into my son's mouth while he sucks
Apart from that this is really good mittens
Amazon Customer
April 9, 2017
These are perfect for infants! They are snug on the wrist area unlike a lot of the others from local retailers. My wife and I looked at all the local places for gloves that would fit snug but found that they were all very loose and would fall off super easy. These stay on even when the baby is very fussy and protect him from scratching his face, this is a great buy!
September 13, 2018
When my daughter was a few weeks old she would ALWAYS have scratches on her face from her fingernails.

I liked these mittens because they were a little bit larger than the ones you get from Walmart (gerber brand). They were also very soft. The material is thin which is good and bad. They slide onto the hands pretty easily. They are not too snug which I liked, because I wanted her to be able to move her fingers. They do not fall off that easily, but like all mittens they can come off.

She used it on the regular for about 2-3 months.
However after a while, the elastic started to stretch out- then the falling out increased. There are also small tears on the the mittens. This is possibly because my child was a chewer and beause the material is thin. They do not shrink in the wash which was nice

Overall - You get a good quantity of mittens, they will last you a few months. I've had two kids and they typically only need it for a few months (they quickly realize how not to scratch their face). I only had to buy one set and both my kids used it.
Erica Jade
August 2, 2017
These are hands down the best baby mitts sold on amazon. No pun intended.

They stay on, the elastic is strong but not too tight, and the mitt part is large enough for baby to stretch her little tiny fingers.

Wash them in a lingerie bag so you don't lose them in the folds of other clothing.
August 25, 2017
I picked the set that looked quilted, and while I like them, I am certain they are polyester or polyester blend fabric. The labeling on the package I received did not indicate fabric composition. Since 100% cotton fabric was really what I wanted so I can't give them five stars. I would've returned them but it wasn't until I washed them that I realized the problem. Unlike the damp, wrinkled cotton mitts and socks in the laundry with them these held their shape as when and felt dry. Perhaps the other sets are all cotton but this one wasn't!
Maggie Bell
September 5, 2017
These look comically large on my baby even at 6 weeks old, but the elastic is tight enough to keep them on her hands without bothering her wrists and the fabric is super soft even after you wash them . It's probably more comfortable for them to be able to spread their fingers out anyway. These are a great deal for how many you get in the package.

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