Marc Daniels GO CURLY, Curl Activator Gel Serum, Enhance, Define and Control Curls and Waves – Natural Bounce, Shine, Anti-Frizz, Moisturizer 5.07oz Lenan Corporation 7784

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Are you ready for turn your boring hair into fabulous curly hair with Marc Daniels GO CURLY today?

Marc Daniels GO CURLY is the Number 1 recognized go to product when it comes to enhancing and defining curls and waves. This most recognizable Marc Daniels haircare product will transform your curly wavy hair forever.

The PROVEN RESULTS behind our products make it truly unmatched.
Marc Daniels GO CURLY Gel Serum will give you the glossy curls and waves you crave, after just one application. Our exclusive dual-action formula gently activates curls and waves, with a non-chemical, heat free activator. GO CURLY also acts as a leave in conditioner to hydrate hair, giving you perfectly defined curls with natural bounce and shine.
But GO CURLY doesn’t stop there! With each use, it improves your hair’s natural texture and helps to mend split ends.
Perfect for all types of hair; long or short, from extra curly to slightly wavy, even safe for color-treated hair. Whether you style your hair in ringlets, curls or streamlined waves, with each application of GO CURLY, you’ll go from crazy hair days to beautiful hair days, every time.

We know you’ll love GO CURLY from the first use. But if for any reason you’re not satisfied, return it any time for a full refund.

Made in Australia.

Customer reviews(8)

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October 11, 2017
I love this product. It has become my new go to favorite. It controls my bouncy curls without frizz. It also does not make my hair crunchy and keeps it incredibly soft. Wash, scrunch and go!!!
Lauren P
August 3, 2017
Great product for us wavy haired girls. I use a very small amount (dime sized) and mix with a little water. Then I apply on wet hair and scrunch away. Leaves my hair wavy and shiny!!
July 4, 2017
Ok do I have that type of hair that can get crazy curly and I look like a mad woman
So I decided to try this - the smell is ok kinda reminds me of La looks - it wasn't sticky or tacky and it didn't leave my hair all crunchy - I did let my hair air dry so maybe that's why I wasn't in love with it - for me I use granier so I like that type of smell - next day my hair wasn't dried out just felt bushy and looked it - maybe it will take a couple of tries but most likely if anything it will be used as a back up
Amazon Customer
June 25, 2018
Does tame the fuzzies. Expected more from u2018curlsu2019 write up.
April 21, 2018
Glad I can get here!!
September 24, 2018
Dries my hair out
Cynthia Latella
June 26, 2018
This works for me!
March 18, 2018
Itu2019s a great product but the fragrance is so strong. I canu2019t use it

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