Prevue-Hendryx Parakeet Nest Box Outside Mount (Medium, 8Inch L x 6Inch W x 6Inch H) 29107909

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Product Description

  • Hinged top opens for easy cleaning after nesting season
  • Two removable, slide-open side panels
  • Carved indent on the inside floor to prevent eggs from rolling
  • 3" perch on the outside / 1-1/2" diameter entrance hole
  • Works well for indoor and outdoor use

Product Highlight(s): Prevue-Hendryx& Parakeet Nest Box Inside Mount X-Large Solid wood nest box. Has an indented bottom and double side opening panels for easy cleaning 8 in x 6 in x 6 in

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Katie DuBois
March 14, 2015
I can't be as nice as other reviewers. While this is well made, it certainly doesn't look like the picture. There is no dowel in front of the entrance and it doesn't come with anything to attach it to the inside or outside of the cage. It isn't fair to call it an outside mount and then not provide any way to mount it.
Rob F.
April 2, 2016
I have very curious Parakeets that love to explore. I feel that this box is not safe:
1) Metal Eye hooks that hang the box on the cage:
A) The ones that come with the package are excessively large and cause the box to sit far enough away from the cage that an inquisitive bird could get wedged between the cage and the box.
B) Also, the ends of the hooks are sharp and potentials for injury. The sharp edges are close enough that a bird that is gripping the side of the cage could be injured.
2) Metal hinges with sharp edges inside the nesting area. The heads of the screws for the hinges are not sanded and very sharp. These could have easily been placed outside of the cage. If hinges inside the cage are necessary, there are very strong plastic hinges on the market that are safer, cheaper and very reliable.

I just don't feel the safety of our animals has been taken into consideration. However, this cage can be made safe. You can put hinges on the outside, or do what I did and use plastic pin hinges. (used for ailerons on my r/c planes). There are safer ways to secure box to the cage. I used plastic wire guides that are secured to the box, and the to the cage. This also brings the box much closer to the cage. You can also shim the box so that there is no gap.

The wood used for the box is cheap. My box did not come with the wooden dowel (perch) shown in the picture, I had to use a plastic tinker toy that fit nicely in the hole they made in the box.

TL;DR: This box is not as safe as it should be, is cheaply made, and mine was missing necessary pieces.
Sue A.
March 27, 2016
The first order arrived without one side and the hanger. The second is complete. I really like the indent in the floor for the eggs to stay centered and the plastic used floor is roughed up to prevent splay leg. The sides are paper thin. My budgie was chewing on it and it looks like it is not going to last much longer. The hole is so small my regular sized budgies can't fit through so my husband had to drill it bigger - and I did get the medium one specified for parakeets. The hole was smaller than the regular flip top outside mount wood one I bought earlier. This is a great design but I don't think quality control is working. Also, we added inside perch. There is only outside perch.
Nita Frank
February 2, 2018
I agree with most of the reviews in that there's no way to mount it. I had to drill holes on the bird-entry side and tie it to the top of the cage, BUT it worked great. The divet is small but my parakeets can't seem to stop laying eggs in there. I love how I can open so many door to check out the laying and hatching and growing process without barely bothering them. I did find though, that my parakeets were able to remove the side doors, so I had to put a large book on top of the box so they'd stop lifting them off. Don't ask me how they did it, but they did! I actually saw them do it once. So, buyer beware...
July 22, 2016
I am satisfied with this nest box, overall. BUT I would not say that the bottom is indented.... Maybe a millimeter or two, but barely able to be perceived. Majority of box seems sturdy/well made, I like the accessibility for nest checks, & mine came with hooks for hanging on cage. But the floor appears to be particle board with some sort of (slippery) laminate in it. There is a round hole in laminate hinting at an indentation & revealing partical board. Having to use a rotary tool to actually indent so feel it was misrepresented as indented... Still, I did buy 3 more & will indent myself.
September 24, 2015
I really love the way this looks and it does seem that it would be easy to clean. I have yet to actually add this to my cage as my parakeets aren't in need on this yet but when they are I am hoping that they will love this. The only thing that I can complain about this box would be that I wish the opening for the birds to go in were on the other side as it doesn't work with the cages I just bought from Prevue-Hendryx (Prevue Pet Products Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage)
Dennis J. Jean
January 15, 2015
Overall I like this product....only two little minor complaints too mention.....
I found the hole was a little bit small for the mother Parakeet to gain access too...but in time she adapted to it and the little dowel perch outside of the opening to the hole was a little short but that was easily rectified by replacing the shorter dowel with a plastic pen once I drilled the hole completely through...... I'm sure this product will meet the expectations of most people who order it.
October 4, 2017
Just what the little bird needed. He was suspicious of the new box first it , now loves it. It gets a chedeek puhdeek from him! Btw, if your boing is old and worn, I was amazed at how he responded to a new boing, too. Treat yours to both!

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