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December 7, 2017
This is ok for protecting your seats, but with a larger car seat you need to have the top piece in back of the car seat up at the top of the seat to the car. The top mat doesn't attach to the bottom mat when you need it to be that high and it ends up slipping down out of place behind the car seat. The bottom piece is excellent for protecting the seat of the car and it is shaped to curve down over the front of the seat. But, with the 4 yr old's Alpha Omega Elite car seat, the top of the back digs into the leather headrest area of the car and had started to ruin the leather. This is where I need the top piece of protector to stay in place, but it slips down behind the car seat instead. There should be some sort of elastic strap (or something) to keep it attached to the headrest and keep it in place. I am fixing and pulling it back up into place every time I take him in and out of his car seat.
Amazon Customer
May 19, 2017
Very wide and rigid. Although they offer great protection they are difficult to fit in most cars because I seat 3 kids across the back row. I was able to make it fit in a Honda Pilot, but in a Durango it was out of the question. That being said, for one kid or 2 without anyone using the center space they would work great. They are rigid and curl up a bit at the edge which would catch spills nicely, but if someone was to sit on the seat next to them it would dig into them. If you try to fit three across they overlap and it is difficult to get them to sit flat on top of each other and properly install a car seat. If I needed it for just one child I think I would like it better.
March 10, 2018
Thank you for making this product!!!!!! It is truly saving the new leather seats in my Rubicon from being ruined. I absolutely LOVE this product. To properly install a car seat you have to really tighten it down, which compresses the foam in the seat and puts a lot of stress on the seat covers. With leather this means permanent stretching and often rubbing through.

This pad is very well made and looks classy enough to blend with the leather seats on any vehicle. Other products look cheap and tacky on good leather seats. This is also thick and slip resistant, so once you can really get the car seat locked down nicely w/out any movement.

One small suggestion would be to add a small loop at the top and bottom to tie a string to the headrest and seat posts respectively.
June 26, 2018
Does not u201csave your seatu201d whatsoever. Was a bit annoying to install since it doesnu2019t grip to the leather seats or really stay in place. Kept moving when I tried to put the car seats down. Have an extra hand or masking tape to secure it for a minute while you try to get the seats in there (the back piece). However, itu2019s useful for catching all the crumbs. And thatu2019s about it.
Katherine F
June 3, 2017
I bought this cover YEARS AGO!!! And today was the day. My 18 month old vomited while in his rear facing car seat. I pulled over, checked he was okay and drove home as quickly and as safely as possible. Thank you LionHeart Cover... The cover caught all the projectile vomit and the in lip around the bottom cover kept all the liquid contained. I've had this cover in my car, under one of my kids for probably 4 years or so and its always does a great job containing spilled water and cheerios etc... but today, it mattered and I thank you!!!
January 10, 2012
Grandma was not ready to give up leather seating in her car and wanted something to protect the leather from damage when a booster seat was installed. The Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver seemed to be what I was looking for. Not only was it somewhat more rigid than other seat protectors, but it came in tan so that it matched my car's interior. Additionally, since I live in south Texas, the lighter color is more desirable for purposes of keeping the vehicle's interior from getting so hot. There should be no issue with the seat saver staining the lighter leather black as, based on reviewers' comments, some other brands do.

The Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver was easy to install. The base filled one of the back

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