Red Dragon VT 3-30 C 500, 000 BTU Heavy Duty Propane Vapor Torch Kit

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Product Description

  • Flame Weeds and brush in your yard
  • Thaw frozen pipes, melt snow and ice, and more!
  • Remove paint, grease, oil and plastic from metal
  • Sterilize metal animal cages
  • Connects for any standard propane cylinder, 20lb or larger

Product Description

Red dragon vapor torch kit, 500,000 btu, kit contains: vapor torch, 10' hp10c lpg hose, UL listed, p30w UL listed excess flow p.O.L. Fittings V33 adjusting needle valve & pipe thread compound, L02 spark lighter, rugged, steel construction, lightweight, ideal for burning weeds & stumps, sterilizing cages, clearing irrigation ditches, heating, thawing, drying & other agriculture & industrial uses, CSA international certified. This product is manufactured in the USA. The product is highly durable.

From the Manufacturer

This is the original Torch Kit and continues to be the most popular torch kit in North America. This 500,000 BTU per hour torch is our most powerful vapor torch and can handle the toughest jobs all year long. A great overall utility torch for years and years of service. Perfect for Farm and Ranch, Construction, Road Crews, Grounds Maintenance, Industry and More. Torch has a 3-inch diameter bell and a total length of 33 1/2-inch. Kits includes: 500,000 BTU VaporTorch, 10-foot U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose, U.L. Listed Safety P.O.L. Fitting, Adjustable Needle Valve, Spark Lighter, and Pipe Thread Compound. FLAME weeds in your yard, garden, concrete cracks, rock gardens, driveways and along fence lines. Perfect along chainlink fences. Flaming reduces or eliminates spraying chemicals and is a lot more fun than pulling weeds. BURN heavy weeds and brush, stumps, debris and more. Perfect to burn off irrigation ditches, fields, culverts, pond edges etc. Start charcoal, campfires, burn barrels and back fires. THAW frozen water pipes. MELT snow and ice off steps, sidewalks, driveways and any nonflammable surfaces HEAT metal castings, pipe and tubing, branding irons, pots, kettles, tar, asphalt and . STERILIZE bird and animal cages, pens and other nonflammable confinement areas. DRY or thaw sand, dirt and other materials used in construction and excavation. REMOVE paint, grease, oil, plastic and other residues from metal, concrete and other nonflammable objects.

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