Scenstar 1/4 Inch Air Compressor Filter Regulator Water Oil Separator Trap Filter Airbrush Compressor SSS660035

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Product Description

  • Light weight, small size, easy installation and maintenance
  • Air filter regulator is that adjust The main channel of air pressure to a pressure value what the control device required after filtration through decompression,No matter the size of the inlet pressure and flow fluctuations, always maintain a stable outlet pressure
  • Can filter small particles, keep the air clean
  • If the output pressure is higher than the set pressure, the discharge pressure of the atmosphere to maintain a stable output
  • Package Included: 1x Air Filter Regulator Moisture Trap Compressor

Usage scenarios: air compressors, pneumatic tools, gas connection installation, effective filtration of air moisture.
Use to control the pressure element and the backlog.
It uses the intake throttle pressure, by the force balance and overflow regulator.
To change the gas line pressure, first pull out the hand wheel, and then to get any pressure
within the specified range through mediation plastic handwheel.
Clockwise to increase pressure and anticlockwise reduce pressure.
Material: Metal, Plastic
Operating fluid: Air
Joint Pipe Bore: 1/4"
Filter Accuracy: 40μm
Adjustable pressure range: 0.5-8.5Kgf/cm2
Max. adjustable pressure: 9.5kgf/cm2
Operating Temperature Range: 5-60Degree
Water-filtered volume: 15cc
Feedoil cup volume: 25cc
Package Included:
1x Air Filter Regulator Moisture Trap Compressor

Customer reviews(6)

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November 1, 2017
only reason i gave it one star is because none is not an option....different item came then what is pictured, no top adjustment knob on right as shown, gauge is all metric and NOT standard as shown.. like what the hell is a KGF/cm2 or a MPa in relation to PSI.. also no instructions or metric conversion table..... total junk, should have known better.

UPDATE: just read on another review on another listing of this same product that it can be used to add oil such as for air tools.. news to me, once again instructions would have gone far.
UPDATE 2: below is a photo of a conversion chart i found on the web.. added it to cardboard and covered in clear tape.. ill hang this card on the mounting holes with a zip tie for easy access.. ill see later today how this regulator works
Jos\u00e9 Alonso Lara Mata
February 8, 2018
Amazon Customer
February 23, 2018
Product is poor quality it does not hold pressure and air leaks out of both cups and pressure gauage. Will never buy this product again. Had to go to a local store to buy one that works. I will return.
October 21, 2017
Thank you for everything
December 16, 2017
Junk dident even work, only gave 1 star cause I had to but it's junk
Amazon Customer
September 20, 2017
Had to take apart and joint tape every fitting.... gauge is not in PSI.

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