SCITOO Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter MAF 7410105 30611532 Fit Volvo S40 V40 2001 2002 2003 114088-5206-1653481

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Product Description

  • FITMENT : Mass Air Flow Sensor for Volvo S40 for L4 1.9L Turbo 2004 S40 2001-2003 V40 2001-2004
  • Advantage : The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor measures the amount of air flow entering the intake manifold using a heated grid or wire. The PCM uses this signal primarily for fuel control
  • Note : Before purchase this parts, please check the compatibility information or call your local dealer to verify the correct OEM part number
  • Efficient : Platinum connector threads reduce the number of connection points for faster reaction to change
  • Benifits :Silica gel is applied to ceramic PC boards to protect the chip, providing superior resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations and vibration

OEM Part Number(s): 74-005, 30653, 5WK9633Z

004 Volvo S40 Sensor with Housing for L4 .9L Turbo
00-03 Volvo S40 Sensor with Housing
00-04 Volvo V40 Sensor with Housing

Package Included:
× Air Flow Sensor/Meter

How To Determine If These Are Malfunctioning
DTC codes P07/P074 may be set due to lean fuel mixtures and P07/P075 may be set due to rich fuel mixtures. DTCs P00 through P003 may also be set in the computer memory. A scan tool can be used to monitor the MAF data parameter during engine operation.

How To Install The Replacement Sensor
. Position MAF sensor in the vehicle. Make sure the airflow direction indicated on the sensor is toward the engine.
. Install sensor-to-air-duct seal(s), if so equipped, on the replacement MAF sensor.
3. Connect the MAF sensor to the throttle body air cleaner ducts. If the sensor mounts directly on the throttle body, install and tighten the mounting screws to 0 ft-lb. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!
4. Position clamps over the air duct/MAF sensor connections and tighten. Replace the clamps if necessary.
NOTE: For the MAF sensor to work properly, the sensor/air duct connections must be airtight.
5.CAREFULLY plug the harness connector lead into the MAF sensor.

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