Shop-Vac 9192400 1.5-Inch Car Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

  • Includes 16 foot stretchable hose, claw auto nozzle, crevice took, round brush, cloth tool bag
  • Ideal for cleaning car interiors and garages
  • Will fit locking and friction fit inlets
  • Includes tool bag to keep tool organized
  • Made in USA

Product description

9192400 1-1/2-Inch Diameter Wet Dry Vacuum Accessory Car Cleaning Kit

From the Manufacturer

1-1/2 Inch car cleaning kit.

Customer reviews(6)

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J Anderson
December 20, 2017
Wow, is this item over priced! Sure, the pieces are heavy plastic and seem quite durable, the hose is much better than stock 2.5 inch hose too, but you're easily paying twice what they should cost. The bag is a nice touch, but the hose wont fit. The brush attachment's bristles don't look like they will hold up to much abuse (we'll see). The instruction page is.... just bad! You'd think there would be little need for instructions but, there are some extraneous parts (depending on your vacuum) that will leave you wondering, Why? Lastly, there is no way to connect this smaller hose to the 2.5 hose to extend the total reach - you will need an additional part (or duct tape).

In all this kit does do what it claims, so 3 stars.
James Wood
April 6, 2017
I can't knock this kit at all as far as how it works. It's much easier to use in a vehicle than the large tubing that came with my shop-vac. The reason for 4 stars is the price is a bit high for what you get. This isn't a hit on the seller as this Amazon was the best price I could find for the kit. It just seems like Shop-Vac has it priced pretty high.
Roy Johnson
October 24, 2016
Works perfectly on the odd-size of the Shop-Vac industrial vacuums. The "16-foot stretchable hose" is actually 16 feet after stretching, so that is a bit misleading, but overall a good buy.
Left Coast Geek
November 7, 2015
if you have a full sized shopvac, this kit is great for cleaning cars. the hose is much nicer than the one that probably came with your shopvac, its longer, and very flexible. The gulper tool is the ultimate carpet cleaner. spray carpet down with a good industrial carpet cleaner spray (Zep Advanced Oxy rocks!), then run the gulper over it slowly to suck out every bit of dirt. I then spray the carpet with water and suck it again, maybe twice if its really dirty, and then its like new, even on our 20 year old Mercedes wagon This also comes with a nicer crevice tool than most shopvac kits.
Richard Hatfield
June 17, 2016
As stated
May 12, 2014
If you have a shop-Vac and a car you need this , the product is well made and will help you keep your ride clean.

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