Skip Hop Vibrant Village Reversible Waterproof Foam Baby Play Mat, Multi Colored, 86 X 52 86 X 52 243102

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:Foam Tiles



Color:Grey/Multi  |  Style:Roll-Up

Designed to double the choices for stylish, baby-safe floor covering, our reversible playmat flips from a colorful kid-friendly pattern to a modern décor print for two looks in one. Completely PVC-free, the easy-care foam mat provides a jumbo-size cushioned play space that works equally well in the livingroom or playroom. Simply roll it up for convenient transport and storage. -Ages 0m+ -Reverses from modern décor design to kid-friendly pattern -Single sheet construction rolls up for convenient storage -Waterproof, wipes clean -PVC-free, Phthalate-free foam -Size (inches): 86l x 52w; (cm): 218l x 132w; 31 square feet -Coordinates with our Vibrant Village Collection

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Mom of Multiples
July 2, 2015
I have the grey/cream and it's perfect ! So many mixed reviews I only ordered one to see, ordering 3 more to cover the floor ! I'm very pleased. I know they say kids need color and to them I say that's what toys are for, this is a permanent fixture in my home. One happy mom and two happy babies
Danielle Grow
August 8, 2015
This is a must buy for all babies! I absolutely am 100% satisfied with my purchase. I have been searching for
September 4, 2017
It does the job of keeping your kid off the floor, but I would recommend putting a rug over them (totally defeating the purpose of overpaying for the cute-ness of the product). The quality just isn't there for it to hold up. There are indentations everywhere, and if you have a dog, forget about it. There are marks all over this thing. It looks adorable when you get it out of the package and put it together, but as soon as you use it, there are marks all over and it is a MAJOR pain to clean. It seem like you'll just be able to wipe it clean an everything will be dandy. As soon as you start wiping it, the liquid seeps between the tiles, getting all over the floor beneath it. If you don't notice this is happening, you're going to leave the tiles down, destroying the floor underneath it. I ended up taking it totally apart (very time consuming b/c I have 2 sets) and taking them outside to spray them off. I'm thinking about just trying to sell them or getting a rug for over them b/c I'm not going through this process again.
Lisa G.
December 1, 2016
I've had the mat for 6 months. Granted it gets used everyday by my active son, but it has not worn well. The mat no longer cleans well and the white looks dingy and gross. There are indentations from general play and where anything weighing more than a toddler has stood. It is also very annoying when your LO starts taking the whole thing apart. For the cost I think it should last longer than 6 months. I would look into other mats even if they cost more.
April 4, 2018
Do not buy. I am extremely unhappy. I love skip hop products and already own one set of these tiles but I think these are a cheap knockoff. Recently, my baby has been more on the go and we were looking to add more tiles to the ones we already have. As I began adding these tiles, I found a lot of discrepancies. For instance, the tiles donu2019t fit together! Another, the color and quality are completely different. These tiles feel cheap and do not show the shiny black tiles like our originals. So disappointed! Please see the pictures I have posted.
January 1, 2018
Great product, though overpriced for the surface area covered. I had to buy 4 sets for one playroom floor. Easy to install and looks great.

Heads up, if you're not picky, wait for an Amazon warehouse deal on this. It's about half price and the only
May 12, 2017
I was obsessing for far too long about what to get, and at first I got a very large and somewhat expensive rug. It needed a carpet pad to be soft enough for my little one, and also an antislip pad because the thing kept moving all over the place. It was constantly shedding which of course my little one LOVED to put into her mouth.

After being completely disgusted by the rug and asking some girlfriends about what they used, I did another search on the internet and found the Skip Hop Playmat. I didn't really like the multiple color ones. We have a smallish apartment, and I wanted something that would be good for our little one and stylish.

Yes, it's pricey when you start having to get a few of them, but honestly it was much cheaper than a box store rug from C&B, West Elm, or wherever. Also, you can make whatever design you like. I did a slated stripe design, and I think it's very pretty. It is so easy to clean (spills are no problem unlike that dang rug), and while there are some scratches it's very hard to see them. Hope this review helps!
heather maple
July 4, 2017
Easy to assemble. I love the different patterns I can make with the triangle tiles. They have good padding. The only thing that can be improved would be if skip hop offered more color choices.
*Update: I ordered 2 more packages because I originally did not order enough to cover the floor. Although I ordered the exact same product, the colors of the second order are different from my original order. I am very disappointed with the look and I do not want to use them together. I am unsure weather to return the second order and try again, or return all 4... Maybe if I return all of them and order 4 at the same time, they will all be the same color.

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