Stylish Extra Large Baby Play Mat Soft Playmat, Thick Comfortable Foam. Six 24” x 24” Floor Tiles with edges for babies. Non-Toxic, No Odors, Spill Resistant, Durable. Yay Mats Puzzle Mat 4 Tummy Time Yay! Mats YM1

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Jackson Rug Mat

Inspired by Jackson Hole’s snowy slopes and blue skies and crystal waters, the soothing blue and white diamond design is a beautiful addition to your living room or nursery.


At first glance, the Jackson Rug Mat looks more like a tapestry than a baby play mat. All Yay! Mats meet highest safety standards for EVA foam worldwide. Once assembled, the thick mat's seamless finish makes it safe and sturdy for countless adventures. The high contrast pattern is designed to help develop your child’s visual and depth perception.


The Jackson Rug Mat is a stimulating and safe playground for your little one to explore during tummy time. Perfect for a tight space, but big enough for even rough and tumble loving toddlers. For a larger play area, mats can be combined.

YAY MATS STYLISH BABY PLAY MAT is the delightfully modern playmat with the cool puzzle design. This is a high end play mat you can use for years handing down to younger children. Very plush and durable. And 100% safe for your baby with no harmful chemicals or offensive odor lesser playmats have. Great for boys and girls toddler's play rooms as well, keeping them safe from bumps and bruises during tumbling and play sessions!

EASY TO MAINTAIN with Easy Clean protective coating that lets you wipe up spills, drools, and accidents. If the mat gets dirty, simply clean with water and soap to make it look new again.

100% SAFE FOR BABY & CHILDREN. We manufacture this premium play mat to the very highest US health and safety standards. It uses non-toxic foam that is BPA free, Lead free, and Phthalate free. Yes, even when Baby licks the mat, she will be completely safe from the chemicals found in other mats. No loose cut-out piece like other mats so there is no risk of choking for your little ones. Designed to be soft enough to withstand all trips and falls!

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January 24, 2018
Iu2019ve been using this a couple a weeks and these are my thoughts thus far.... (this compared to the cheaper ones at target etc)

-it is 6 decently large squares rather than lots of much smaller squares.
-I love the modern/simple white and black look
-the design makes the play area look cleaner against the rest of the bright toys we have
-the edges fit nice and snug without huge gapes or lifted ridges
-extremely easy to wipe clean so donu2019t be afraid of the white.
-the top has a smoother texture so things donu2019t get stuck in tiny nooks
-even though itu2019s white a few spills we have had left no stain and after a quick wipe looks sparkling again.
-slightly glossy surface
-I can purchase more and make the mat much larger.
-it comes with a nice carry case with handles for easy transport
-zero smell when it arrived

-almost the same softness of the cheaper mats. I was hoping for much softer. Although he has fallen a few times and it absolutely softened his fall more than our normal floors.
-the surface is a bit slippery especially for my 9 month old when he stands up in his footed pjs that donu2019t have foot grips. However, no more than they do on our normal floor.
-since itu2019s a glossier surface his larger plastic toys slide around on the surface making it a bit tough for him to balance on them when he pulls himself up.
-they are expensive compared to other mats.

So far we are really enjoying the mat and hopefully purchasing another set in the future in order to cover more of his play area. It has made his play area in our open concept house look much more clean due its modern/non busy pattern. Even with the cons listed above itu2019s still a much nicer mat than the cheaper ones Iu2019ve seen at stores. I just wish they were softer.

After several months of daily/heavy use it is still holding up well. My son now loves to pull apart the edges. I just stick them back on and they have held there shape for the most part. There is some lifting of the white in a few spots but nothing major. Still VERY easy to keep clean and I am still thinking about ordering another set.
September 29, 2017
I was really excited to find an alternative to those brightly colored playmats. This is so much prettier and more grown up! It fits with our house when I leave it out. My Yay! Mat came quickly and was easy to assemble.

I love that it consists of 6 large squares because there are fewer connections for the kids to take apart. The mat also fits together so seamlessly that they don't even pick at it (and my kids pick. At. Everything.).

It's beautiful and seems durable and I'm looking forward to watching our littles rough and tumble in a safe and pretty place to play. ud83dudc9b
May 24, 2018
Buy this mat! I have looked at so many foam mats and this is by far the nicest one if you are looking for a Scandi/minimalist look. I bought three and connected them to serve as our u201crugu201d in the living space where my kids play (we donu2019t have carpet due to allergies).

We did have a peeling problem at first, but the owner of Yay Mats has fixed this problem at the manufacturing level. I was able to replace all my peeling mats with new non-peeling mats. You will know your Brooklyn cross mat wonu2019t peel if you have the new matte (instead of shiny) finish. I loved the shiny ones and was devastated when they started peeling, but I love the matte ones even more and I am so pleased with the customer service I received. I could not be happier!

My four and one year old play all day in this space, and my husband and I are frequently on the floor with them to play, and we all love it! Stylish, comfy, safe, and low maintenanceu2014itu2019s perfect!
Trevor Lee Squier
December 18, 2017
I purchased this mat as a belated birthday gift for best friend's 1 year old daughter. I spent hours looking for a replacement to their first baby mat, a bright abc puzzle mat, which their baby had effectively destroyed. Their daughter was always pulling off small parts/pieces from the old mat to chew on or toss around the playroom. A bunch of us friends were also giving my buddy a hard time about how the abc mat's ugly coloring provided a
Lyns L.
February 18, 2018
The mat is super stylish and didnu2019t smell when arrived. Easy to wipe clean and perfect thickness to protect baby from hardwood floors. Unfortunately within a week one of the panel edges started to peel. I thought it might just be that one panel, but now a month later, all interlocking panels edges are peeling. Very disappointed for the price.
Amazon Customer
February 21, 2018
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mat! It's so cute and the design is super stylish, yet subtle enough that it easily blends with our current decor! My little dude loves to play on it it! The only reason I didn't give the product 5 stars is because I wish the company/ seller offered
W. Miranda
June 8, 2018
I love this mat! The only area in our (small) home that we can really have a play area is the foyer so we needed something that looked good, was safe and comfortable for baby, and cleaned easily (high traffic). This mat checks all those boxes! I originally bought 1, but quickly realized we needed another to really cover the space. The pieces fit together quite nicely (though don't expect the pattern to align perfectly), and now it's just right for the area! There was a slight hiccup with my second mat (Amazon error), but the manufacturer was very quick and helpful getting the issue fixed. I am a sucker for good customer service!! I recommend this product and the company to all you stylish mommas out there!

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