Tomsoo Dimmable 5X Magnifying Lamp - 2 in 1 Magnifier Desk Lamp LED Reading Light With Utility Clamp, Magnifying Glass Lens With Light, Task Lamp for Reading, Crafts, Hobbies, Repair, Workbench, White TS-180523-W

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Product Description

  • [DIMMABLE DESIGN] Through the knob on the top to adjust brightness, 26pcs highlight SMD LEDS, it almost 2 times brighter than the old version, kinds of brightness can meet all of your needs.
  • [5X MAGNIFICATION] This lamp has an authentic 3.5 inch 5X diopter glass lens without any glare, designed for anyone with vision problems such as macular degeneration or those who need to constantly focus up close on their work or hobbies, crafts, jewelry, cross stitch, etc.
  • [2 in 1 FUNCTIONS] It more than just a clamp magnifying glass with light, replaced with the circular base, now you have a dimmable table lamp that can use on your desk.
  • [FLEXIBLE METAL PIPE] 15-inch adjustable metal snake pipe that you can bend in any direction, position the light and magnifier at any angles what you need.
  • [SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] High quality LED lighting will last for more than 10000 hours without burning out or overheating , our magnifying glass lamps support 3 months unconditional return policy and we promise has a 3 year warranty.

Customer reviews(36)

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mrs. goodwrench
August 22, 2018
As someone that does a lot of close work, this light is amazing! I love the dimming switch so that I can set the light intensity. The goose neck is very flexible so that I can position it to suit my needs. I also appreciate the strong magnifying lens that gives me a clear view of my work. I bought this just for close work but I can see a lot of other applications that I could use it for besides close work. I can see using the light to do plumbing work under a dark sink, or automotive work under the dashboard. I'm a hands on kind of gal, so this light will get a lot of use, between home repairs, car repairs, and crafting. I highly recommend this light and the shipping was very fast. A highly recommended seller! Happy, happy, camper! :o)
5 Spastic Kids
October 10, 2018
Let's face it, no company out there will deliver a perfect product every time. My 2 in 1 Magnifying glass and desk lamp came with a card in the box containing customer service email addresses for both Amazon and Tomsoo. My lamp did not dim as stated in the product title. I emailed Tomsoo to let them know of my problem. They responded within 24 hours, every time. It took a couple of emails back and forth to get the problem detailed out and an acceptable resolution to get my item fixed. In short, this is an excellent company that bent over backwards to keep me happy and to get their product working properly. Tomsoo cares about their products AND their customers.
Thank You!
Nick (a very satisfied customer)
October 7, 2018
It's not a bad product, but if you use this on a table or desk and are less than 6' tall, you'll probably need to adjust the head to a comfortable level to view through the lens. If you do, you'll need to bend the arm down and when you do, the lamp will tip over. You'll have to use the clamp (or add weight to the base), but if your desk does not allow that, this item is not really usable. I'm kind of surprised that this lamp is not designed with a base heavy enough to allow it's use in all head positions. So unless you sit tall on a stool or use the clamp, this product may not be for you.
Aqua Lin
November 25, 2018
Our home was embedded in yellow light, but when I needed to read or use a computer at night, I felt that the light was not enough, so I bought this product.
Its light can be adjusted brightly with a knob.
Because the product has the function of a magnifying glass, it is helpful for the mother to wear needlework, sewing, etc.
The day before yesterday, my friend came home and said that his hand was hurt by a small thorn, so my husband used the product to help him check (see photo no. 4) :)
August 11, 2018
November 14, 2018
Cool light, but it falls over way too easily. Just extending the light a little tips the thing over. They should have put a heavier base or even suction cups on the bottom. The issue here is you can't bend the light down low enough to have your work item on the desk, you have to put the light up high, and then hold the item you are working on up close to the magnifier. If you are working on fragile items beware!
Dorian Yung
November 21, 2018
The great light and magnifier for detail work. The metal base is very heavy. I love the dimming switch so that I can set the light intensity. The gooseneck is very flexible so that I can position it to suit my needs. We've used it to read labels that were printed too small, to fix eyeglasses and headphones, and for hand sewing. For me that can a lot of close work, this light is amazing! It's different from other products, I really like its glass lenses very much, 5x magnification is enough for my precision work. This a great value. I highly recommended seller!
September 5, 2018
I have visual challenges cause by macular degeneration. This magnifying light is a great help. I had one with 3x magnification that is no longer enough. This light with 5x is helping a lot! Very satisfied.

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