UTC Set of Renegade Foam Cannon & Rebel Moneyshot Wash N' Wax Liquid Soap Pro Auto Detail Foam Suds Maverick

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Product Description

  • (1) 24oz Rebel MoneyShot Wash N' Wax
  • (1) Foam Cannon For Super Suds Spread
  • Formulated with emulsified Brazilian Carnuaba wax
  • Auto Proffesional Body Detail
  • Quick Process Car Wash | 1 Step Wash Wax

Rebel Moneyshot Wash Nā€™ Wax is formulated for a dense neutral pH foam that clings to the applied surface. Utilizing cutting-edge surfactants, the suds penetrate to remove contaminants. Formulated with emulsified Brazilian Carnuaba wax, the surface is left with a waxed protective coating.

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